Introducing Multiline Items

Payhawk multiline items allow customers to further enrich their expense data. We’ve designed them to fit all the possible use cases, allowing even the most sophisticated tracking of spending. Each line item can be represented in a different accounting category, custom field (project, cost center, etc.), different team members, and last but most importantly with a different VAT rate.


by Tsvetina Yancheva 14 Jul 2021


You asked and we listened


Multiline items have been in development for quite some time, and the constant refining of the feature came through extensive customer feedback. Our proactive clients helped us produce a feature that fits the needs of companies from SMEs to enterprises. The main points for us were to have an easy and efficient way for users to select the account code and tax rate when there are multiple on the same bill. Additionally, all the important accounting information on the invoice is clearly presented at a glance.





Full control over data – rounding matters


Each supplier invoice out there has the same items on it, however, when it comes to rounding numbers and calculating rates, not everyone follows the same convention. Many of our accountants expressed the concern that when a 0.01p difference occurs, they lose sleep over it. That’s why we’ve built our multiline items with accountants in mind. You can select rates and then give them the flexibility to adjust the net and tax amount if needed.




It’s all about the way the data is exported


Multiline items are directly integrated with Xero, Datev, and Quickbooks is coming later in the month. For each multiline expense, Payhawk will give you a record with all the relevant information in one bill. For the experience you love and cherish, data will be automatically exported as soon as it’s reviewed on Payhawk.





To learn how you can get started with this new feature and how to split complicated invoices into multiple line items, have a look at our help desk article.


Have more questions? Feel free to reach out via chat anytime!


Written by Tsvetina Yancheva

July 14, 2021

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