Payhawk Custom Expense Fields

We know that sometimes having the expense category and the employee’s note is not enough information for each expense.  Often, accounting departments need the cost center information while controlling teams need the project ID. In order to solve this issue, Payhawk has made it possible to create custom predefined expense fields and allow users to dynamically enter data.


by Tsvetina Yancheva 04 Mar 2021


Enrich your expense data

We’ve grouped together all the important expense settings so that you can manage them from one place. You can define accounting categories with their own VAT Rates and custom expense fields to give you a more detailed understanding of your spending.



Each custom field that you create allows you to additionally enrich the data that Payhawk provides to your expenses. You can define different access levels to the field based on who needs to provide the information and your internal company flow. Additionally, all values can be automatically suggested by our computer vision based on the document you’ve uploaded.



Effortless flow of data to outside systems


Payhawk has also taken spend analytics a step further. Custom fields can be imported from external systems. Payhawk will automatically import your Xero Tracking Categories and allow you to use them as expense fields. Your expenses are then automatically exported with all the additional expense data, making it easier to stay on top of your spending and also giving you all the analytics you need. We’ll be adding additional integrations that support our custom fields in the very near future.



To find out more on how Payhawk can help you stay on top of your spending, talk to us.

Written by Tsvetina Yancheva

March 4, 2021

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