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A Payhawk user is anyone who has access to the Payhawk web platform or mobile app.

There is no limit of users on the Payhawk platform. If you have more than 30 cardholders, you can apply for our Enterprise edition. Please email us at

Payhawk's Credit Cards in the US support one currency - USD. We offer 4 times better FX rates than a traditional bank for any spend in a foreign currency.

If you're looking for a global solution fit for international spend, Payhawk can support you as the number one card and spend solution in Europe and the UK. With us, your oversees entities can open accounts in EUR, GBP and USD and issue company cards with worldwide coverage.

If you have specific requirements for currencies that are not yet supported, contact sales at

Payhawk is not a bank. Payhawk can be described as a one-stop shop serving fast-scaling enterprises with credit card issuing and ACH transfers. Payhawk is acting as a card program manager of a state chartered bank operating across all states and licensed by Visa.

Payhawk provides global enterprises with a spend management platform that includes credit cards, debit cards, bill payments, reimbursements, and bank accounts in 32 countries. Unlike Ramp, Divvy, and Brex, our spend management solution, including credit cards and smart expense management software, is available across the US, EEA and the UK. Our international coverage means streamlined spend control, and time-saving efficiencies for your finance team and card users, no matter where they are.

Expense reports, reconciliation and accounting could undoubtedly be time-consuming. By using Payhawk employees reduce the time spent on reporting and transaction processing significantly - 80% less manual data entry and processes and 4 times faster average month-closing.

In the US, Payhawk provides business credit cards to companies organized and registered in the US.
Oversees, companies organized and registered in the UK and the European Economic Area (EEA) may apply for a Payhawk account on Consumers, sole proprietors and other unregistered businesses are ineligible.

The Payhawk platform and cards are available to registered businesses in all member states of the European Economic Area (EEA), the UK and the USA.

We don’t directly, but our partners from do! Colibra’s standard solution earns you money for every flight with more than an hour delay. To be eligible for compensation from Colibra, you should add your flight to the app no later than 20 minutes before take-off, even if you think that your flight won’t be delayed. Payhawk Enterprise customers enjoy even higher compensation. Talk to us if you want to take advantage.