Webinar: The Paperless Visa card by Payhawk

Learn how CFOs across Europe use Payhawk to manage their entire spending lifecycle end-to-end without dealing with expense reports, paper and reimbursement of personal funds.


by Hristo Borisov 07 Apr 2020

You have missed our launch webinar on how Payhawk’s new corporate card enables CFOs and business owners to manage the entire spending lifecycle end-to-end?


In this recording of our live event we are sharing the magic around Payhawk’s expense management solution.  From the moment an employee requests money, to loading their corporate card with funds, paying and collecting the invoices, to reconciling all transactions in the company accounting software, and finally generating real-time, up to date reports. This is how it works.


Did you know that Payhawk’s Visa Commercial card has 6 times better exchange rates than other corporate cards? More about the benefits of our Visa Commercial card can be find here.


For more webinars check out our page: Upcoming Webinars

Written by Hristo Borisov

April 7, 2020

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