Jan 15, 2024
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Payhawk and Astrid & Miyu collaborate to celebrate entrepreneurs and improve spend management

This article has been brought to you by our spend management editorial team.Payhawk Editorial Team
Payhawk Proudly Sponsors Astrid & Miyu's Podcast
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Payhawk, a leading spend management platform, sponsors Astrid & Miyu's new podcast series UNBOXED, marking a continued collaboration between the two rising stars in finance and fashion.

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The news

  • Astrid & Miyu relaunch popular podcast for founders and entrepreneurs: UNBOXED
  • Payhawk proudly sponsors UNBOXED, underscoring its commitment to supporting the growth of startups and scaleups
  • The podcast collaboration builds on the success of the two companies' year-long relationship

See how Fintechs revolutionise spend management & outshine banks

Payhawk and contemporary jewellery brand Astrid & Miyu are joining forces once again. Payhawk, a leading spend management platform for scaleups, is proud to sponsor Astrid & Miyu's new podcast series UNBOXED. This collaboration builds on the two companies' year-long relationship's success, with Payhawk being chosen to streamline Astrid & Miyu's global corporate spend. The partnership represents an impactful alignment between two rising stars in the world of finance and fashion.

The official launch event for UNBOXED will take place on Monday, January 15th. Payhawk's sponsorship of UNBOXED underscores its commitment to supporting the growth of startups and scaleups. UNBOXED gives aspiring entrepreneurs a raw, unfiltered look into the journeys of successful founders, hosted by Astrid & Miyu CEO and Founder Connie Nam. Past guests have included executives from Neom, Stripe and Stare, Lockdown Liquor, and Saint and Sofia. Episodes feature the biggest mistakes, greatest lessons, and most valuable insights direct from the source.

Before working with Payhawk, the team at Astrid & Miyu had disparate systems for company spend, making month-end reconciliation tedious and time-consuming. As they expanded with new global stores, they sought a scalable solution to provide real-time spend visibility. Since implementing Payhawk's unified corporate cards, expense management software, and accounting solution in 2023, Astrid & Miyu's processes have transformed.

Connie Nam, CEO and Founder of Astrid & Miyu says:

Simply put, Payhawk has changed the lives of people at Astrid & Miyu!

“When it came to the podcast, we wanted to collaborate with strategic partners that we feel genuinely aligned with and can authentically promote to an entrepreneurial audience. Given the value we've gained from Payhawk, they were an obvious choice when looking for a sponsor for our podcast."

Payhawk CEO Hristo Borisov says, "Growing a business from a startup to a global company comes with many challenges that can be solved by introducing effective systems at the right time. We're thrilled that our platform has transformed business processes for Astrid & Miyu since they implemented it last year."

Payhawk combines corporate cards, expense management, accounts payable, and accounting software integrations in one seamless product. This consolidated solution simplifies financial operations for high-growth companies as they scale globally.

Learn from the best by tuning into Astrid & Miyu's UNBOXED podcast, launching 15th January and sponsored by Payhawk.

This article has been brought to you by our spend management editorial team.
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