Carbon accounting Effortlessly track carbon emissions and accelerate your ESG reporting

Payhawk Green tracks carbon emissions and simplifies data collection for sustainability and ESG reporting to help you better understand the environmental impact of your operations and supply chain.

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Understand the carbon footprint of your business spend

Unravel your Scope 3 emissions

Carbon accounting is hard, but tracking Scope 3 emission is harder. To identify potential carbon-saving initiatives, Payhawk Green helps you:

  • Automatically track carbon emissions on all card spend
  • Rely on globally trusted GHG Protocol for corporate accounting
  • Leverage expense details such as category, department, project, and more for reporting
scope 3 emissions tracking

Bridge data gaps and save time with proactive data collection

Get ahead by tracking relevant sustainability factors per expense as it happens and ease the load for carbon accounting and sustainability leads.

  • Introduce GHG emission categories or CEDA categories for any expense or invoice
  • Make categories supplier-driven or choose them per expense
  • Easily export your data for further detailed analysis

Collect supplier data to better understand your supply chain

Accelerate your projects by introducing additional information about your suppliers into Payhawk.

  • Tag suppliers based on sustainability criteria
  • Define supplier-driven data fields for expenses
  • Easily export your insights to identify trends and areas for improvement
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Getting started with carbon accounting is easy

Pay with your corporate Payhawk card

Pay with your Payhawk card

Whether it’s on-the-go expenses or online spend, you see spend as it happens.

ESG reporting - We crunch the CO2 numbers

We crunch the CO2 numbers

Emission estimates are calculated following the GHG protocol and assigned to every transaction.

Automated ESG report export

Your report is ready

Download the report anytime and use it for further analysis or submit to third parties.


Is your finance team ready for ESG reporting?

Finance teams should play a wide-reaching role in integrating ESG into decision-making. Check out our comprehensive guide to learn:

  • What does an ESG report contain?
  • What does corporate ESG look like in practice?
  • Why should finance teams care about ESG?


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