CORPORATE CARDS Smart cards that work harder for your global business

  • Easily issue Visa credit and debit cards globally
  • Stay in control with proactive card controls and limits
  • Effortlessly capture receipts
  • Automatically reconcile every payment
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World-class corporate cards

Choose a single global card provider

Credit and debit cards
Manage cash flow on your terms with credit and debit Visa cards

Improve financial governance and manage cash flow your way with direct access to your funds through dedicated bank accounts and debit and credit cards.

  • Access up to €500K, £500k, or $1M based on assessment
  • Improve cash flow with a 38-day repayment period
  • Access credit without personal guarantees
Credit and debit corporate cards
Physical and virtual cards
Operate anywhere with ease

Support global spend with a mix of physical and virtual cards in 32 countries and manage spend permissions for individuals or at scale so that every team is equipped to spend. Enjoy a leading worldwide acceptance rate with 0% FX in seven currencies and 1.99% FX for all others.

physical and virtual business expense cards
CO2 reporting
Effortlessly track carbon emissions and accelerate your ESG reporting

Activate automated CO2 emissions tracking for every transaction with just a click, simplifying sustainability and ESG reporting. Better support your sustainability efforts with valuable insights into your Scope 3 emissions.

track carbon emissions with a business expense card

The smart corporate expense cards that save you money

saved annually from VAT reclaims
0% FX
in seven currencies
saved monthly from blocked non-compliant spend
Visa concierge, LoungeKey membership, and more for EEA entities
for travel included for free for EEA entities
on every transaction

*The VAT savings metrics are from real Payhawk clients but your exact savings will depend on your business size, type, spend volumes, and your local VAT reclaim legislation. The non-compliant spend savings metric is a six-months average across all Payhawk customers and for illustrative purposes only. Cashback amounts vary.

Advanced spend controls and limits

Prevent overspend and ensure compliance across
all your business entities

Apply rules to individual cards or customise spend policies based on team, role, seniority, and more.

Design the card you need

Set up each card to your exact specifications with versatile spend controls for every use case:

  • A card that works with selected vendors only
  • A card for frequent travellers
  • A card for online subscriptions
  • A card with zero balance and fund requests only

And so much more — the possibilities are endless!

Set up each corporate card to your exact specifications
Customise the controls on your business expense cards
Keep all spend compliant

Nurture an environment of trust and transparency with 100% spend policy compliance across all your locations and entities. Customise card controls to:

  • Minimise the risk of fraudulent transactions
  • Ensure company cards are used for company expenses only
  • Translate your policy into action

Manage cards individually or in bulk to apply the correct rules based on use-case.

With powerful controls at every swipe

tick icon to illustrate that ATM withdrawals card control is availableATM withdrawals
tick icon to illustrate that Online payments business expense card control is availableOnline payments
tick icon to illustrate that Single transaction limit business expense card control is availableSingle transaction limit
tick icon to illustrate that Daily transaction limit business expense card control is availableDaily transaction limit
tick icon to illustrate that Monthly limit business expense card control is availableMonthly limit
tick icon to illustrate that Merchant business expense card control is availableMerchant
tick icon to illustrate that Merchant category corporate expense card control is availableMerchant category
tick icon to illustrate that Country or region corporate expense card control is availableCountry or region
tick icon to illustrate that Time and day corporate expense card control is availableTime and day

Don’t take our word for it


"I love that we can freeze cards if people don't submit receipts on time; it helps encourage compliance and good finance hygiene around the business. And we do love a clean process! And if someone goes over their limit, I can top up instantly to ensure they can get on with their work."

Finance Manager at MDM Props Ltd
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"Taking corporate credit card transactions away from the traditional banks to a product that directly integrates with NetSuite was a game changer! Now we save time and make better decisions thanks to complete visibility over our multi-entity spend."

David Watson
David Watson
Group Financial Controller, State of Play
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"Before Payhawk, we used a couple of point solutions, excel, and a few different credit cards, but we needed an all-in-one centralised solution. Payhawk has been a game changer, and using credit cards is a big benefit; we have more flexibility as we don't have to tie up our cash up front."

 Carolina Einarsson
Carolina Einarsson
Finance Director, Essentia Analytics
Accounting automation

Save time with built-in automation every step of the way

Submit expenses and track, approve, and review company spend – all from a single platform.

Showcasing AI-powered camera enhances data capture and automation

Capture receipts effortlessly

Make it easy for your teams to submit their expenses and receipts on time with our highly-rated iOS, Android, and Huawei app. Forward any receipts you get per email to our smart receipts mailbox.

predefined expense categorisation, and AI-powered expense field suggestions

Automate preparatory accounting

Save time and prevent errors by automating data entry with market-leading OCR, predefined expense categorisation, and AI-powered expense field suggestions that get smarter with every use.

Automatically reconcile card payments

Automatically reconcile card payments

Have all your data flow seamlessly between Payhawk and your ERP systems without the need for manual uploads. See transactions exported in real-time once settled and expenses upon review.

Enterprise-grade security & compliance

Spend securely, online and offline

Online purchases

We follow globally-established best practices and employ leading technology to verify transactions. All online purchases are protected with 3DS password to ensure any transaction made with your card was truly made by you.

Secure transactions

Every transaction made with Payhawk Visa cards goes through real-time risk assessment and risk scoring. Our sophisticated AI algorithms flag potentially fraudulent transactions and block them until verified by you.

Behavioural monitoring

Our team utilises advanced AI algorithms to get to know your spending habits and quickly detect unusual transactions, ensuring fraud prevention by flagging anomalies for your approval.

Payhawk Visa cards securityPayhawk Visa cards security

Get everyone on board with smart corporate cards


Easily translate spend policies into proactive card limits and controls. Once you’ve created the spend policy in Payhawk, assign cards to employees or make changes to rules in bulk to comply with the correct spend policy.

smart corporate cards for every team - Finance

Make processing, reconciling, and reporting on company spend easier than ever for Accounting teams. Track all data on one platform in real time and shave hours off your month-end with automations, bulk-review tools, and smart receipt capture.

smart corporate cards for every team - Accounting

Equip your managers to respond to urgent requests for funds from their direct reports. Managers can keep an eye on team spend, approve requests on the go, and even freeze the employee’s card instantly through the mobile app.

smart corporate cards for every team - Managers

Support worry-free spending that's always in policy, say goodbye to clawbacks. Automate receipt collection and expense reports to save your team and yourself precious time.

smart corporate cards for every team - Employees
How it works

Only a few steps to better card management

Add funds with a bank transfer or a linked bank account directly in the platform once your Payhawk account is verified and individual IBANs created.

better card management with a smart business expense cardbetter card management with a smart business expense card

Award-winning and fast multilingual support

Rest easy knowing our support team is here for you. Whether you need help issuing cards, setting up new policies and controls, or tracking an unsuccessful transaction, we’re just a message away.

Award-winning and fast multilingual support
customer satisfaction rate
average first response time
average issue resolution time

See Payhawk cards in action

All the features you need to streamline card spend across your entire organisation

Paperless card issuing, in bulk icon

Paperless card issuing, in bulk

Issue one or many virtual corporate cards in minutes and get physical ones delivered in five business days.

Market leading acceptance rate icon

Market leading acceptance rate

Get next-generation Visa Commercial and Visa Platinum corporate debit and credit cards with a high global acceptance rate.

Automated on and off-boarding icon

Automated on and off-boarding

Sync your HR system to keep employee and expense data up to date, including blocking cards when an employee leaves.

Google & Apple Pay icon

Google & Apple Pay

Add virtual or physical cards to Google Wallet or Apple Pay for maximum convenience online and on-the-go.

Fund requests icon

Fund requests

Let your team ask for additional funds easily to cover unexpected costs while on the move.

Automatic CO2 reporting icon

Automatic CO2 reporting

Payhawk’s CO2 reporting tracks carbon emissions and simplifies data collection for sustainability and ESG reporting.

Granular card controls & limits icon

Granular card controls & limits

Customise spend permissions with built-in limits, policies, and rules based on time, location, merchant, merchant category, region, and more.

Auto-blocking for late expenses icon

Auto-blocking for late expenses

Automatically block cards when the cardholders have not submitted their expenses within a pre-defined period.

Card freezing icon

Card freezing

Quickly freeze your virtual or physical card if the card was lost, compromised, or you see a transaction you don't recognise.

Travel insurance (EEA entities) icon

Travel insurance (EEA entities)

Visa cards issued in the European Economic Area (EEA) come with free travel and accident insurance and our metal cards come with extended-coverage Premium insurance.

Perks & rewards (EEA entities) icon

Perks & rewards (EEA entities)

Payhawk Visa Platinum cardholders within the EEA can benefit from Visa’s travel and shopping perks. (Valid on cards issued in the EEA only).

Cashback on every transaction icon

Cashback on every transaction

The more you spend, the more you save. In fact, one in four Payhawk clients get Payhawk for free thanks to cashback on card spend.


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