The most efficient Corporate Visa Cards for businesses

Visa Credit and Visa Debit cards backed by powerful software to control your company’s spending.

Credit applications are subject to standard credit checks. Companies must provide filed accounts showing annual turnover above £250k. If in doubt, please get in touch.

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Payhawk Green - automatically track carbon emissions on all card spend and accelerate ESG reporting

Leveraging the GHG protocol and platform customisation, Payhawk Green enables you to better understand the environmental impact of your operations and supply chain.

Choose between credit and debit cards

Manage your cash flow like a pro with the choice of either company credit or debit cards.

Get credit limits of up to £500K based on assessment

Access multi-currency credit lines in GBP and EUR

Make the most of interest-free card purchases (additional fees apply for late credit repayments)

Forget about personal credit checks, and no personal guarantees required

Use with Apple and Google Pay

Save on FX compared to traditional banks (1.99%)

Straightforward company card management

Easy-to-use workflows, fund requests, spend limits, budgets, and team cards all in one place.

Stay on top of business spend

Help managers keep on top of business spend as it happens, with real-time automatic sync functionality. Team leads can stay abreast of any and every payment, as well as manage spend limits and view outstanding expenses, all in the same tool.

Payhawk corporate expense management application - the dashboard

Set impactful spend controls

Customise your employee spend with built-in limits, policies and rules and easily apply them to individual or team cards. Change or update corporate card controls in real time, freeze cards, or issue new ones in seconds.

Payhawk's real-time reconciliation in action - illustrates how easy it is t use our credit card for business expenses

Simplify bulk card management

Remove the burden of individual card control with clever account automation that allows you to manage both debit and credit corporate Visa cards in bulk. Set rules and apply them to whole departments with a click.

A screenshot shows how easy it is to manage employee travel expenses with Payhawk. Managing corporate expenses is bliss using our corporate visa cards and automated invoice reconciliation of our application.

Reflect your company structures

Control monthly recurring spend limits and ATM withdrawal live and in real-time. Set approval flows and manage fund requests on the fly – from the platform or from your mobile device.

Marketing team reimbursements using Payhawk's corporate credit card - screenshot from the application

Support flexible spending

Encourage business agility with flexible company spending via instant fund requests; allowing your team to deal with out-of-policy, unforeseen, or emergency payments as they need.

Reduce the paperwork and save time with one-click expense approval using Payhawk's credit card for business expenses

See what our cards can do

Streamlined team spend

Efficient business spend and expense management with multiple debit and credit cards for teams and projects

Share budgets easily

Create, track, and update, team cards with shared budgets for team, department, event, or project-related spending.

Control team or project spend

Give financial managers real-time control over, their team spend, budgets, and subscriptions.

Empower team members

Support team members to spend as required with corporate Visa cards linked to their team budget.

Control global spend

Manage worldwide company spend with globally-accepted corporate Visa debit and credit cards powered by in-built spend rules, budgets, and approval flows.

Avoid currency fees

Spend with 0% FX fees in seven currencies, and benefit from a market-leading 1.99% exchange markup on all other currencies.

Scale card spend globally

Equip your employees to pay, no matter where they are, with a Payhawk Visa card and consistent in-built spend rules and approval flows across your entire organisation.

Insure business trips for free

Get free insurance for all your cardholders with every Payhawk Visa card issued within the European Economic Area.

An illustration, showing Payhawk's corporate credit card account balance for an employee

Easy expense reporting

Say goodbye to piles of paper receipts with all-in-one software for corporate expense management and reporting.

Minimise manual workload with pre-accounting OCR software that reads uploaded documents in 60+ languages and automates reports.

A screenshot from the Payhawk dashnoard showing spending on employee's credit card for business expenses