Spending is easy.
Credit cards
Bank wires
are not.

The most efficient company card backed by powerful financial software to help companies stay in control. The product that pays for itself with 3% cashback on card payments up to the full amount of your subscription.

Simplify your finance stack

All-in-one financial software to control company spend.

Cards, payments and software in unison

Come for our cards, stay for everything else.

Corporate cards

Built-in spend policies for greater control

Integrated payments

Dedicated IBAN for free bank transfers

Expense software

One platform to manage all business spend

Close your books in no time

Save time and money dealing with expenses.

0 days to launch
100% employee satisfaction
95% data entry removed
5 days faster month closing
typical savings per month for

Freedom within a framework

Built for employees, loved by finance teams.

Jenny Herald, VP of Product Marketing

I find that Payhawk makes it super easy to keep track of my spend and turns long and crazy hard expense reports into a 2-3 minute exercise.

Rosen Mihaylov, VP Finance

We can now trust employees to pay for things as our accounting team can track, store, and manage everyone’s receipts and invoices without manual chasing.

For modern businesses of any size

Invest more time in growing your business.

Built to complement your ERP system

No more manual uploads: Payhawk easily syncs your expenses and receipts with the ERP system and accounting software of your choice, while making sure 100% of the pushed data is correct.

How your business can benefit

Modernize company payments

Payhawk allows finance teams to automate all crucial spend and expense management processes and lead the digital transformation agenda of companies across Europe. Read how A.T.U. uses Payhawk to replace handling of cash with company cards.

Customer story
Grow productivity across the organization

Make business spending painless regardless of the payment method used. Finance teams can manage budgets, spending and close books instantly, while employees are empowered to use company funds in a responsible and easy to report way.

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Manage international expansion

Payhawk can be used for any business registered in the UK or EU and therefore allows companies to roll-out the solution across all subsidiaries across Europe. Our advanced approval workflows help managers to keep transparency and control costs – no matter where money is spent.

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What CFOs often ask about

Payment accounts in EUR and GBP with your own dedicated IBANs. You also get a cloud-based web portal, mobile app for employees, and Visa Commercial Cards.

Any business incorporated in European Economic Area (EEA), including NGOs, educational & governmental institutions.

Your Payhawk card is a Visa Commercial Debit Card. Unlike prepaid cards, Visa Commercial is accepted worldwide via one of the most accessible global card networks including car rentals, accommodations, and digital advertising platforms.

There are no hidden fees. You get up to 4 times better exchange rates than your bank, and you only pay for your cards.

Your money is protected by a process known as safeguarding, which is a regulatory requirement for all EMIs. Under this process, all e-money balances must be segregated from all other cash balances. These segregated balances are held with a safeguarding bank and are routinely reconciled to ensure that the sum of all issued e-money balances is the same as the sum of cash held by the bank in the segregated account.

Payhawk is certified with the local Tax authorities in several European countries where you are able to throw away the paper.