Save time and money with real-time reconciliations

Save time and money with corporate cards, data capture, custom fields, and smart accounting integrations. Grab the most important spend info from your receipts and invoices and keep your data flowing from first tap to month end.

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Automate your reconciliations

Zero-effort bank reconciliation

Get error-free automated bank reconciliation with our innovative spend management solution. Consolidate card spend, receipt capture, and card controls — and get intelligent bank reconciliation software to eliminate manual work in your ERP.

Comprehensive card reconciliation

Save time and ensure accuracy with automated payment to receipt reconciliation using our smart AI/OCR. Leverage corporate credit card reconciliation software + our intelligent ERP and accounting integrations.

Intelligent invoice reconciliation

Pay suppliers, automate bookkeeping, and avoid errors with comprehensive invoice reconciliation software. Our OCR pulls out all the relevant data, and our custom fields ensure the spend is allocated to the correct place.

Integrations with a difference

Get direct integrations with your ERP and accounting software including NetSuite and Xero. Built in accordance with the accruals concept, our integrations make data transfer seamless. We also integrate with international VAT reclaims company 60dias.

Support your payment reconciliation system

Improve cash flow with VAT reclaims

Get all the information you need to support VAT reclaims. Missing receipts mean missing reclaims, but our spend management solution includes auto-receipt chasing to encourage your cardholders to capture their spend info. As well as custom fields for accounting in order to ensure you don’t miss out.

Save time on manual entry and matching

Say goodbye to manual work with automated credit card reconciliation and seamless data flow between our solution and your chosen ERP or accounting software. No more receipt chasing, manual data entry of dates, amounts, projects, etc, or gaps in spend info to dig through and follow up.

Export expenses automatically

Reduce errors and rekey issues

Avoid errors and duplicate entries with Payhawk cards, spend controls, and receipt capture + our integrations with accounting software and popular ERPs. When used together we offer automated reconciliation software that makes closing your month easier than ever.

Stop chasing and start strategising

Use your time for more strategic activities, and leave the receipt chasing to us. With Payhawk, your cardholders are more likely to be compliant as the app is so easy to use and they get regular reminders to upload their receipts. Plus, with custom fields for spend categories, you can assign spend correctly from the start.

Discover Payhawk through the eyes of our customers

Finance Manager at MDM Props

"Now, with Payhawk, it's so much easier as the OCR captures all of the relevant receipt data, and we can code it correctly from the outset using the custom fields."

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Mathias Goetz
Senior Project Manager at ATU

"We no longer have to chase receipts. Since using Payhawk, managers must simply take a picture of their receipt — thus digitising it — and enter it into the automated finance system. In the first year, this change resulted in ATU recouping €2million from the tax office that would have otherwise been lost."

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Carolina Einarsson
Financial Director at Essentia Analytics

"Saving time with Payhawk is a game changer; we've even been able to allocate resources to revenue-impacting teams — we now have a finance employee who spends 50 % of her time supporting as an SDR."

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More control on company expenses

Financial managers enjoy real-time expense control.


Find Payhawk's interface easy to use

The web platform and mobile app are simple and intuitive.


Of employees love cards

Employees love to use a company card rather than wait for months to be reimbursed.


Account reconciliation software is a type of financial software that automates the process of verifying the accuracy of a company's financial records. The software is designed to compare financial transactions recorded in a company's accounting system with the transactions recorded by its bank or other financial institutions.

The software typically imports data from a company's accounting system and bank statements or other financial statements, then compares the two sets of data to identify discrepancies, such as missing transactions or incorrect amounts. The software can also help identify potential fraud or errors in the accounting system.

Account reconciliation software can save significant time and effort compared to manual reconciliation processes, especially for larger organisations with high volumes of financial transactions. It can also help ensure financial accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements.

There are several benefits of using reconciliation software, including:

Time savings: Reconciliation software can automate the entire reconciliation process, which can save time and reduce errors associated with manual reconciliation.

Accuracy: Reconciliation software can identify discrepancies and errors in financial transactions with greater accuracy and efficiency than manual methods. This can help ensure that financial statements are accurate and comply with regulatory requirements.

Improved efficiency: By automating the reconciliation process, reconciliation software can streamline financial operations and improve overall efficiency.

Fraud detection: Reconciliation software can help identify suspicious transactions or activities that may indicate fraud. This can help prevent financial losses and protect a company's reputation.

Enhanced reporting: Reconciliation software can generate detailed reports that provide insight into financial activities, helping businesses make better-informed decisions.

Scalability: Reconciliation software can be used by businesses of all sizes and can accommodate high volumes of financial transactions, making it a scalable solution for growing businesses.

Reconciliation software can integrate with your ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to automate the process of verifying the accuracy of your financial records. Here's how it works:

Data extraction: The reconciliation software will extract data from your ERP system, including your general ledger and accounts payable/receivable.

Data comparison: The software will then compare this data with data from external sources such as bank statements, credit card statements, or other financial statements.

Matching: The software will attempt to match transactions in your ERP system with transactions in the external sources. Any discrepancies or errors will be flagged for review.

Exception handling: The reconciliation software will provide tools to handle exceptions, such as incorrect transactions, missing transactions, or discrepancies. The system will provide alerts and notifications to the appropriate personnel to resolve these issues.

Reporting: The reconciliation software will generate detailed reports that provide insight into financial activities, such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, and cash flow. These reports can help businesses make better-informed decisions.

Automation: The entire process can be automated, saving time and reducing the risk of errors associated with manual reconciliation.

Overall, reconciliation software can help ensure the accuracy and integrity of your financial records by automating the reconciliation process and integrating with your ERP system.