The most efficient credit cards for business

Physical and virtual Visa credit cards for business, backed by powerful financial software, for any kind of online or on-the-go spend worldwide.

Straightforward company card management

Easy-to-use workflows, fund requests, spend limits, budgets, and team cards all in one place.

Up to $250,000

Qualify for credit limits up to $250,000 based on assessment.

Up to 38 days

Up to 38 days interest-free on card purchases. Late payment fees apply.

No personal guarantee

Keep business and personal spending separate.

Stay on top of business spend

Help managers keep on top of business spend as it happens, with automatic, real-time sync. Team leads can stay abreast of all payments, manage spend limits, and view outstanding expenses, all in the same tool.

Set impactful spend controls

Customize your employee spend with built-in limits, policies, and rules. And easily apply them to individual or team cards. Update spend controls in real-time, and freeze or issue cards in seconds.

Reflect your company structures

Control monthly recurring spend and ATM withdrawal limits in real-time. Set approval flows and manage fund requests on the fly, from your desktop or mobile device.

Simplify bulk card management

Remove the burden of individual card control with clever account automation that allows you to manage company cards in bulk. Set rules and apply them to whole departments with just one click.

Support flexible spending

Equip your team to deal with out-of-policy, unforeseen, or emergency payments via instant fund requests.

Streamlined team spend

Efficient corporate spend and expense management with multiple company cards for teams and projects

Share budgets easily

Create team cards with shared budgets for team, department, or project-related spending.

Control team or project spend

Give financial managers real-time control over their team spend, budgets and subscriptions including subscription management software.

Empower team members

Support team members to spend as required with company cards linked to their team budget.

Control global spend

Manage spend worldwide with cards that are accepted globally and governed by customized spend rules, budgets, and approval flows.

Avoid currency fees

Spend with no fees in USD and benefit from a market-leading 1.99% exchange markup on all other currencies.

Make payments globally

Equip your employees to pay, no matter where they are, with a Payhawk Visa business card, accepted by over 36 million merchants worldwide.

Send worldwide

Have your company cards sent anywhere in the world with custom shipments for every employee. Same powerful control for your CFO or finance managers, new locations for your teams to spend.

Easy expense reporting

Say goodbye to piles of paper receipts with all-in-one software for corporate expense management and reporting.


A company expense card is a payment card used to make payments on behalf of a business. For example, a sales team member may need to buy dinner for a client with their company card. Paying with a company card means the employee doesn’t have to pay with a personal card, submit an expense report, and wait for reimbursement. And if the card is linked to an expense management software, it means that managers have visibility over card spend. Some expense management solution providers, like Payhawk, also feature built-in, customizable workflows so businesses can control their spending and set limits and approvals at the individual, team, or project level.

Companies of a certain size often work with a spend management solution like Payhawk to manage their credit cards. We offer an all-in-one expense management experience for businesses to save countless hours in admin and busywork, while offering real-time visibility and control over spend. Most growing businesses and enterprises don’t manage their own company cards. Instead, they work with experts like Payhawk to automate manual financial processes, control spend, integrate their payments and accounting data, offer an easy way to capture receipts and invoices, and provide comprehensive controls and governance.

Your business can use company cards for any legitimate business activities it needs.(Refer to terms and conditions of the card carrier for more information). Your card users/ employees simply need to make a payment with the company card, snap or download a receipt, upload it to the app, add a small bit of info, and they're done. The expense then shows in real-time so the finance team can check spend, keep track of budgeting, and create realistic forecasts. The supporting software for the virtual and physical company cards also lets the finance team set limits and add approval workflows according to company policy so the business can implement smart spend control and governance.

No. Corporate cards are not for personal, family, or household purposes. Your organization will define what's categorized as a personal vs. a work expense within its business expense policy. It may be that some companies allow for travel to the office to be expensed. Others may expect the employee to pay for travel themselves and reflect this in their salary and benefits. At Payhawk, we have in-built customizable approval workflows and spend limits. This means that a business can easily define what they want to be accepted, and it's much harder for users to break policy.