Understand your company’s recurring spend

Monitor all your company’s recurring payments in one place to stay informed and make better decisions.

Stop wasting money on unused business subscriptions

From SaaS tools to your office lease, recurring costs often make up a large part of overall company spend. Our subscription management software will monitor all of your subscriptions for you, no matter how you choose to pay for them.

Uncover hidden costs

We group your business subscriptions by provider for a complete overview of recurring payments per vendor. Streamline ways to save on spending with our proactive search for recurring payments.

Eliminate cost creep

Analyze fluctuations in subscription amounts over the past 12 months with real-time month-over-month comparisons by utilizing variance analysis on individual or business subscription fees.

Avoid overspending

Eliminate wasteful spending on unused and duplicate business transactions. Our proprietary subscription management software provides you with essential data such as transaction date and time and the user responsible for the transaction. This streamlines the process of eliminating wasteful spending, saving both time and money for your business.

How does Payhawk's subscription tracking work?

Purchase a subscription

Take care of recurring payments easily. Simply pay with your physical or virtual Payhawk card through our portal.

Let automation do its job

Let us automatically recognize and flag recurring expenses as subscriptions, including all past expenses.

Monitor with ease

See all company-wide recurring payments in one place to stay informed and make sound financial decisions.

Smart subscription-spend tracking

Never go short

We predict the amount to be billed for each subscription and let you know how much of the card's available funds the subscription will need.

Cover your expenses

With our proprietary subscription management software, you can pay for any above-budget subscription expenses through the Payhawk app in just a few clicks.

Auto top-up

Using our recurring monthly limits, you can automatically top-up relevant cards, ensuring your subscriptions will always get paid.

"Now we can easily understand how much is spent on subscriptions and analyze the needs of departmental budgets and their variances."

Lenka Bartuskova, Finance Manager


Subscription management software is software that tracks recurring payments. At Payhawk, our customers can use the built-in subscription management feature to mark recurring payments. Our software automatically highlights payments that appear to be potential subscriptions. Your finance team will have better visibility of cash flow for budget forecasting and your accounts will always be topped up to cover upcoming recurring costs.

Subscription management is very important for business growth. From office rent to HR tools, recurring expenses are significant to companies of all sizes. All organizations – especially growing businesses – need to keep a close eye on spending and cash flow. Companies can avoid cost creep, duplicate payments, and unexpected charges by using subscription management software. Knowing your company’s spending is vital for growing businesses,and staying in control of recurring expenses can help growing businesses stay proactive with their finances rather than reactive.

With Payhawk, our subscription management feature is built into the tool with no additional charge.