Automate your accounts payable process — at scale.

Take back valuable time and strengthen bill payment controls with end-to-end accounts payable software.

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busywork reduction
faster month-end close
real-time reconciliation
Zero-touch invoice processing

Capture and process invoices with zero manual effort

Take control of invoice management with automated data capture and categorization. No manual entry, no manual errors:

  • Quickly link new invoices to purchase orders
  • Automatically extract data from bills in more than 60 languages
  • Save time on data categorization and let Payhawk’s self-learning OCR do it for you
Capture and process invoices with zero manual effort - a screenshot illustrating how to do that within Payhawk
Automated approval workflows

Remove the back and forth, keep the control and visibility

Direct invoices to the right approvers at the right time with fully automated and streamlined workflows. Ensure spend is accounted for and always approved by the right people:

  • Set custom multi-step approval workflows based on different criteria: project, cost-center, org structure, location, and more
  • Manage workflows at a group level to ensure consistency across entities or set by entity to suit your company policies
Achieve spend control and avoid back and forths with automated AP approval workflows
Automatic 3-way PO matching

Eliminate overspend and avoid costly mistakes

Ensure accuracy and identify discrepancies with your purchases before issuing payments to suppliers by matching purchase orders, receipt notes, and invoices.

  • 2-way and 3-way matching
  • Discrepancies check and alerts
  • Highly configurable purchase order policies
3-way matching
Centralized payments

Manage all your payments in one place

Manage employee reimbursement and bill payments alongside card spend in a single place. Get complete visibility in a single group dashboard view, letting you see:

  • Spend broken down by team and entity so you can identify areas for cost optimization
  • Expense processing status by entity to help you drive a stress-free month-end
  • Upcoming spend and available funds to cover it, ensuring you don’t delay payments
Manage payments across multiple entities and vendors from with one Payhawk dashboard
Instant reconciliation

Never stitch together spreadsheets and statements again

Cut month-end efforts in half with a fully automated solution that integrates with your ERP or accounting system. Live integrations mean month-end work doesn’t have to wait until month end:

  • Categorize spend through custom fields and get real-time visibility of costs for different projects, events, and more, all synced to your ERP
  • Experience direct API integrations with market-leading ERPs Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, 365 Finance, and NetSuite
  • Get perfect data synergy with your ERP giving you real-time visibility for better decisions
Avoid needless spreadsheets and additional statements thanks to PAyhawk integrations.
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“Using Payhawk has helped us take control of business expenses, policies, and compliance. And, it’s helped avoid admin, paperwork, Excel back and forth, and reimbursements via payroll.”

Jorge Lluch - Co-founder & COO at Abacum
Jorge Lluch
Co-founder & COO at Abacum
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“The OCR does part of my job by identifying duplicate invoices and populating the fields so it’s like the four-eyes principle in action: a real time saver!”

Nadia Vanuytrecht - HR & Operations Manager, Explose agency
Nadia Vanuytrecht
HR & Operations Manager, Explose agency
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“Payhawk offers a great product package: an intuitive and easy-to-use tool that can integrate with several business applications, a Customer Success team that provides excellent service, and a Product team that actively communicates with and gathers feedback from its customers.”

Alexander Sakakushev, Head of finance at Plan A
Alexander Sakakushev
Head of finance at Plan A

Send payments to suppliers, anywhere

Make fast, low-cost payments to suppliers globally

Execute international bank transfers directly from the platform in 50+ currencies into 160+ countries:

  • Clear and upfront transfer costs
  • Save more as your transfer volumes increase
  • Set custom approvals workflows
  • Automatically reconcile payments to the ERP
of transfers arrive instantly**

*Some currencies may not apply. For a full list, please visit to find out more.
**94% of transfers arrive within 24 hours

Simon Shohet Finance and Strategy Senior Manager, Alma

Payhawk's international bank payments feature means we now have one platform in which we can manage our payments from personal reimbursements to paying suppliers in different currencies including USD. We like that we don't have to switch to different providers to make payments and that we now have complete spend overview in Payhawk.

Simon Shohet Finance and Strategy Senior Manager, Alma

Simplify invoice management for everyone

Finance team

Execute supplier payments with all related context and work more efficiently with filtered views for payment runs. No more duplicates, overdue bills, or unauthorized spend.


Leverage AI-driven OCR to automate data entry, leaving you to verify critical information only. Return invoices to employees for additional information with a click.


Submit invoices quickly and easily via an automated inbox or user-friendly mobile app. No more manual data entry and chasing payment status.


Highly rated accounts payable solution

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“The UI is great! Not much of a learning curve, so getting full use out of the system is a simple process.”

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“I like the automatic recognition of the tickets; it saves a lot of time in expense reporting as before it took a few hours each month."

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“You can pay in bulk all your pending vendor invoices and expenses. I can also control the monthly subscriptions and define the categories and departments, and automatically synchronize them with my accounting software.“

Our accounts payable process at a glance

Drag-and-drop invoices in the platform or leverage a smart dedicated mailbox to capture invoices directly from your emails. Upload in bulk to save time.


All the features you need to bring your accounts payable to the next level

Invoice matching mailbox

Invoice matching mailbox

Easily upload invoices directly from your inbox with multiple attachments. Let the platform automatically create new expenses, match documents to existing ones, or highlight if there’s a potential duplicate.

AI-driven OCR in 60+ languages

AI-driven OCR in 60+ languages

Automatically extract data from bills in 60+ languages using leading OCR technology that learns as you use it. Reduce errors from manual entry, scale automation, and focus on strategy.

Supplier management

Supplier management

Get the most out of fully customizable supplier data entry and collection in sync with your ERP. Enhance supplier information to fit your company setup and benefit from faster and easier accounting.

purchase request icon

Purchase requests

Easily create purchase requests and send them for approval in just a few clicks.

Purchase orders

Purchase orders

Create Purchase Orders automatically, as soon as the needed approvals are provided, and send them to suppliers. Personalize POs by adding your company logo.

three way matching

3-way matching

Purchase orders, invoices, and receipt notes are automatically matched and cross-referenced to identify and alert for discrepancies in volume or price.

Custom approval workflows

Custom approval workflows

Map out your invoice approval workflows with useful customization, allocating different approvers at every step of the process. Leverage automation to improve efficiency, without giving up any control.

Free local bill payments

Free local bill payments

Pay bills with local bank transfers through ACH, SEPA Instant, Faster Payments, and BISERA. Companies based in the UK, US, and EEA can process payments directly in the Payhawk platform at no additional cost.

Fast, secure, and low-cost international payments

Fast, secure, and low-cost international payments

Pay internationally-based suppliers in different currencies with quick, low-cost, and secure transfers. 57% of payments are delivered instantly, and 93% within 24 hours. The more you transfer, the less you pay.

Free and integrated fund top-ups

Free and integrated fund top-ups

Link your business bank accounts within the Payhawk platform to top-up funds quickly, easily, and for free, all in one place. Unlink accounts with a few clicks to maintain effective governance.

Direct API integration icon

Direct API integrations

Ensure automatic and seamless reconciliation of all invoice spend directly to your ERP or Accounting system with leading live integrations. Eliminate the need for manual work and the risk of human error.

Multi-entity management

Multi-entity management

Standardize AP processes and approval workflows across entities to achieve greater efficiency and control. Get complete visibility over bills, card spend, and reimbursements via a comprehensive group dashboard.


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