Optimize your accounting processes with our NetSuite integration

Our NetSuite integration works directly via their API, and lets you seamlessly export expenses, payments, and deposits in seconds. You can set up in less than 20 minutes and benefit from automatic two-way communication, real-time spend reporting and a quicker, more efficient month-end.

Easy and fast set up

Payhawk can integrate with NetSuite in less than 20 minutes, including a quick transfer of Chart of Accounts, Departments, TAX codes, and Classification Areas to Payhawk.

The Payhawk application showing how easy it is to use direct Netsuite integration with Payhawk

No more manual uploads

Payhawk automatically transfers all your accounting data, differentiating between invoice/receipt and payment recognition, to enable accounting in accordance with the accruals concept. No more reliance on “journal entries” between two accounts or the risk of broken ERP connections due to missing key fields.

Real-time reporting

Data from Payhawk is mapped correctly to the different fields in Oracle NetSuite, enabling you to use all the native functionality in your ERP, such as reporting and budgeting, without manual corrections.

Screenshot showing real-time invoice reconciliation using a direct Nersuite integration

Eliminate errors

With Payhawk’s expense recall, you can easily eliminate and fix bookkeeping mistakes. By clicking “Return for review” in our tool, the rectified data can be exported and automatically pushed to the right place in NetSuite.

Interface of the Payhawk expense management application, showing the capabilities and functions of our Netsuite integration
Support your month-end close

Using Payhawk with a direct integration to NetSuite will speed up your month-end process. Payhawk handles payment reconciliation automatically, and allows you to review expenses throughout the month rather than waiting until month-end. The direct integration means that this information is pushed to the ERP automatically.

Enterprise accounting made easy

At Payhawk, we understand that you want to eliminate as many manual processes as possible. Our OCR saves you time by automatically extracting receipt and invoice accounting data. Moreover, reconciliation and allocation of spend are automatically linked to the right cost centre.

Real-time reporting and analytics on spend

Payhawk gives you access to real-time spend reports, and with our direct integration, this information is automatically transferred to NetSuite.