Business travel expenses made easy with Payhawk

Use Payhawk to track mileage, per diems, and out-of-pocket reimbursements, all in one place. Pack your bags, grow your business, and leave tracking trip expenses to us.

Track mileage accurately

Accurately reimburse your team members with just a few clicks whenever they use their vehicle for business. Traveling employees only need to add the start and end points (and any other stops), and Payhawk automatically calculates the exact business travel expense and reimbursement amount.

Payhawk mileage tracking benefits

  • Easy trip reimbursement in a few of clicks
  • The ability to set the rate per mile as per your own business policy
  • Easy trip tracking
  • Automatic cost calculations

Control your tax deductible expenses

Establish an easy way to report the business mileage for work to calculate the exact reimbursement amount. Finance teams can then effortlessly track the tax-deductible mileage expenses.

Set custom per diem rates

Your finance team can easily set custom per diem rates and add the deduction amounts. Once you approve the per diem request, the employee will be reimbursed in a single click directly from Payhawk.

Reduce manual work

Employees can now submit per diem expenses in just a few seconds by entering all the necessary information via the mobile app. Payhawk will auto-calculate the exact employee reimbursement amount based on trip details, including deductible meal expenses.

Compliant with regulations

Some countries, like Germany, set specific per diem rates for companies to follow for their employees. These rates are based on the employee’s amount of time away from home. Costs already covered by the employer, such as accommodation, aren’t included.

Streamline employee reimbursements

Manage all business travel expenses and approvals for employees that don't use a company card. You can automate and customize your reimbursement approval workflows easily according to your company’s expense policy.

Put your finance team in the driver’s seat

With Payhawk, an employee can add their personal bank information when requesting a reimbursement. The finance team then reviews the request and can reimburse the expenses individually or in bulk with just a few clicks. The funds will then be deposited into the employee’s bank account quickly, thanks to Instant SEPA and Faster Payments.

Save time and empower your team

Reimbursable expenses can be a major source of concern within a business. For the finance team, getting employees to submit timely expense reports and saving receipts is a core concern. While for their non-finance colleagues, it’s about getting reimbursed promptly, especially for urgent payments. Payhawk eliminates many of these issues, helping your business save time and money. Furthermore, this allows your team to focus on the most important task at hand: growing the business.

Support compliant accommodation bookings

Build spend limits and workflows into your tool according to your travel expense policy.

Manage accommodation spend

Give your employees a seamless way to book accommodation in the same way they would make any expense using Payhawk — ensuring they upload a proof of payment.

Connect Payhawk and Travelperk for a smooth ride

Thanks to our direct integration with Travelperk, there’s no need to individually upload any of your flight, hotel, car, or train receipts to Payhawk. As long as you booked via Travelperk, these expenses will be automatically synced to your Payhawk account.

One integrated tool for all your business spending

From cash and company credit cards to invoice payment processing, subscription management, and business travel expenses, Payhawk gives you complete real-time visibility of your company spend.

Have a question?

Yes, you can! Payhawk integrates seamlessly with TravelPerk to reconcile all TravelPerk expenses made with the Payhawk company card. The integration fetches the invoices from TravelPerk and matches them to the transactions done with the card. Learn more about it here.

Yes, it is safe. Payhawk connects directly to your employee’s bank account and lets you complete the transfer via SEPA Instant or Faster Payments. Perhaps provide more detail on the type of security here? Such as type of encryption. Read more here.

Once the per diem rates are set in the portal, employees simply need to enter travel data. Then, Payhawk will automatically calculate the per diem reimbursement amount for each employee.
Read more here and also here.

Employees use Google Maps to help calculate their mileage expense. Then, once the business's mileage rates are set in the portal, Payhawk will multiply this rate by the distance provided by the employee in Google Maps. Read more here.