Expense management software for better financial control

All-in-one software that helps CFOs and finance teams track and optimize expense management and company budgets with ease.

Reimburse employees around the world fast

Make quick, low-cost global reimbursements

Reimburse employees in a matter of hours in their local currency straight from the platform:

  • 50+ currencies into 160+ countries
  • Clear and upfront transfer costs
  • Customizable approval workflows
  • Automatic reconciliation to your ERP
low cost global reimbursements
of transfers arrive instantly**

*Some currencies may not apply. For a full list, please visit wise.com to find out more.
**93% of transfers arrive within 24 hours

Track your company spend

Monitor every business expense and transaction as it happens in real-time. Use your expense management software to gain important insights to help with planning and forecasting. And easily share reports with stakeholders and senior management.

Make every payment traceable

Connect each company card to a specific employee or group of employees, so you can separate each business expense, at an individual, team, or project level.

Empower budget holders

Give every budget owner visibility over their project budget, whether they are an individual or team leader. By monitoring spend in real-time, project leaders can make sure the budget is on track.

Create clever business budgets

Set up your budget management per cost center and track payments and expenses against them in real-time. Get valuable insights on how money is spent across functions and adjust budgets as required.

Never miss regular payments

Make regular company payments via your corporate card for expenses ranging from office leases to magazine subscriptions, with a reminder to remind you to upload funds if card funds are running low.

Automate accounting data

Set up cost centers, categories, and tax rates in Payhawk. Our AI automatically suggests the correct expense data for your invoices and recurring payments, and uses machine learning to improve its recommendations over time based on your actions.

Clever expense management

Customizable expense policy tools to monitor and limit spend, set approval flows, and stay agile

Set spend limits

Define individual or team thresholds and adjust them at any time. Associated budget owners will receive transaction notifications to approve in real-time, reducing the risk of fraud and supporting spend control.


Define spend policies and approval flows

Build spend policies with our advanced workflows and take care of card controls on things like recurring limits, ATM withdrawals, and expense approval processes. Plus, you can save time by managing policies at a group level so you don’t need to set controls for each individual.

Image of how you can define spend policies and approval flows in Payhawk's expense management software

Customize your approval chain

Build custom approval chains quickly to fit your company’s spend policies. For more complex processes, you can add multiple managers throughout the workflow.

Screenshot of how you can add multiple employees responsible for approving a spend request

Keep your approvals agile

Approve spend requests quickly, from the palm of your hand. Whether at your desk or on the go, you can approve requests easily with the Payhawk mobile app.

You can approve all spend requests directly from Payhawk's expense management mobile app

See our expense management software in action

Clear and actionable reporting

Detailed, personalized, user-friendly reporting that helps manage and optimize business spend

Support your finance team

Give your finance team live cash flow data and status reports on each budget, including overall company expenditure. Plus run reports on spend by cost center and team with the ability to filter by category, supplier, and employee.

Create personalised reports

Build reports that work best for your business by filtering transactions by company card, category, employee, supplier, missing receipt, amounts, and more. Create and save your custom filtered views for easy access at any time.

Keep track of your subscriptions

Subscriptions can be tricky when estimating monthly expenses. Payhawk tracks all subscriptions and factors them in to give employees a realistic estimate of upcoming expenditures. Plus, Payhawk will alert employees if subscription costs increase.