Expense management software for better financial control

All-in-one software that helps CFOs and finance teams track and optimize expense management and company budgets with ease.

Illustration of how you can approve employee expenses directly from Payhawk's expense management softwareIllustration of how you can approve employee expenses directly from Payhawk's expense management software
Track your company spend

Monitor every business expense and transaction as it happens in real-time. Use your expense management software to gain important insights to help with planning and forecasting. And easily share reports with stakeholders and senior management.

Make every payment traceable

Connect each company card to a specific employee or group of employees, so you always know who's spending on what, at an individual, team, or project level.

Empower budget holders

Give every budget owner visibility over their project budget, whether an individual or team leader. By monitoring spend in real-time, they can make sure they’re on track with remaining funds.

Create clever business budgets

Set up your budget management per cost center and track payments and expenses against them in real-time. Get valuable insights on how money is spent across functions and adjust budgets as required.

Never miss regular payments

Make regular company payments via your corporate card for anything from office lease to magazine subscriptions, and if your corresponding card has insufficient funds, we'll remind you to upload funds before the subscription renews.

Automate accounting data

Set up cost centers, categories, and tax rates in Payhawk. Our AI automatically suggests the correct expense data for your invoices and recurring payments, and uses machine learning to improve its recommendations over time based on your actions.

Clever spend management

Customizable expense policy tools to monitor and limit spend, set approval flows, and stay agile

Set spend limits

Define individual or team thresholds and adjust them at any time. Associated budget owners will receive transaction notifications to approve in real-time, reducing the risk of fraud and supporting spend control.

Define spend policies and approval flows

Build spend policies with our advanced workflows and take care of card controls on things like recurring limits, ATM withdrawals, and expense approval processes. Plus, you can save time by managing policies at a group level so you don’t need to set controls for each individual.

Image of how you can define spend policies and approval flows in Payhawk's expense management software
Screenshot of how you can add multiple employees responsible for approving a spend request

Customize your approval chain

Build custom approval chains quickly to fit your company’s spend policies. For more complex processes, you can add multiple managers throughout the flow.

Keep your approvals agile

Approve spend requests quickly, from the palm of your hand. Whether at your desk or on the go, you can approve requests easily with the Payhawk mobile app.

You can approve all spend requests directly from Payhawk's expense management mobile app

Clear and actionable reporting

Detailed, personalized, user-friendly reporting that helps manage and optimize business spend
Support your finance team

Give your finance team live cash flow data and status reports on each budget, including overall company expenditure. Plus run reports on spend by cost center and team with the ability to filter by category, supplier, and employee.

Create personalised reports

Build reports that work best for your business by filtering transactions by company card, category, employee, supplier, missing receipt, amounts, and more. Create and save your custom filtered views for easy access at any time.

Keep track of your subscriptions

Subscriptions can be tricky when estimating monthly expenses. Payhawk tracks all subscriptions and factors them in to give employees a realistic estimate of upcoming expenditures. Plus, Payhawk will alert employees if subscription costs increase.


Spend management software helps businesses manage their spending. In Payhawk's case, our spend management software provides control and insights on spend, and automates much of the accounting busywork involved in expense management. Our software integrates powerful management capabilities for company cards, reimbursements, employee expense management, bill payments, accounting system/ERP integrations, and subscriptions.

A spend management company offers businesses various tools to manage spending. At Payhawk, we help companies manage not only reimbursable employee expenses like per diems and mileage, but also bill payments and subscriptions. Spend management should typically include ways to empower employees to spend while helping the business stay in command of cash flow. At Payhawk, we do this with proactive and reactive controls (like approval workflows) built into business cards and supporting expense management software.

Spend management and expense management are similar, but there is a difference between what each includes. Spend management involves the overarching management strategy, process, and tools to look after supplier invoices, company cards, and employee expense reimbursements. Spend management includes specific ways to manage and control spending, including approval workflows, accounting integrations and automation, and real-time reporting. Expense management, on the other hand, is more focused on the expenses themselves, like per diems, mileage, and more.

Payhawk helps you use your spend data effectively and efficiently. Our solution features customisable 'custom fields' in order to capture the data you need to support your business from a commercial perspective. The custom fields allow you to capture expense data in a way that best helps your business to segment information based on projects, locations, and more. By creating custom fields for spend, you can ultimately define what you report on to make it the most specific and valuable for your business. Watch the Explose customer story to discover how they used custom fields to manage project spend in their digital agency.

Yes. Digital payments can be uploaded to the portal as PDFs and physical receipts can be captured on a mobile phone camera and uploaded to the app. Our OCR technology recognizes the information, so there is no need for manual data entry. Because receipts can be captured and entered so easily in real time, employees don’t have to worry about saving receipts throughout the month or filling out tedious spreadsheets. Finance team admins can see what receipts and invoices are still missing, and the portal automatically sends reminders to users. Payhawk customer AIOPSGROUP reports that they’ve saved two hours a day on expense reporting since using Payhawk.

With Payhawk, your business' expense policies are built into the solution. You can set limits at multiple levels to ensure that you give employees freedom to spend within a framework. Tineke Van Maerken, VP of Finance at Luxair explains, "as an administrator, I can adapt card limits instantaneously to suit the business needs. Every cardholder has a monthly limit — but unexpected expenses can occur beyond the limit, too." Admins can set automatic approval limits on employee fund requests, different levels of approval within the workflows, and multiple employees to approve requests (meaning that approvals get completed even if someone is off).

The Payhawk solution lets admins select individual or team spend thresholds. Your admins can then update these thresholds at any time with just a few clicks to ensure that the tool is responsive to changing business needs. If an employee needs to request more money, they can do this by creating a fund request, again in just a matter of clicks. The budget owner can then choose to approve or reject the request from wherever they are, via the mobile app, at their desk, or on their laptop.

By using Payhawk, businesses can close the month up to five days faster. Bank reconciliations and syncing transactions and bill payments are among the most time-consuming tasks for finance and accounting teams at the month-end close. With Payhawk, these arduous tasks are automated and sent directly to accounting software via an ERP integration. You’ll save significant time on chasing receipts too. When an employee enters a transaction, the mobile app prompts them to attach their receipt (either through upload or by snapping a picture), and automatically sends them reminders throughout the month if they don’t immediately add the receipt.