Multi-entity management to control global business spend

Powerful multi-entity management features to unify spend management across your US, UK & EEA Group Entities. Consolidate your corporate cards, expenses and accounts payable to enhance cash flow visibility, control spend and make Group wide planning easier.

Serkan Yüksel, Lead Digital Transformation Finance at Hypoport SE

“The Payhawk Group Dashboard lets us monitor group-wide expenses even faster and with more agility. We can now manage liquidity planning more efficiently and accurately through the dashboard and take better control by segmenting data by subsidiaries, teams, and cost types.”

Serkan Yüksel, Lead Digital Transformation Finance at Hypoport SE

Improve spend visibility with multi-entity management

Payhawk's Group Dashboard displays your Group's cashflow in one place. At a glance you’ll see available funds and upcoming expenses for each entity, making group-wide planning and control easier. Simple visuals make it easy to see top spenders by team and entity.

Manage business spend across the world with our multi-entity expense management software

Control cash flow across entities and currencies

Improve cash flow control at a group level by visualizing current funds vs. upcoming spend via the Group Dashboard. Get low balance warnings for all entities and currencies, so you can act fast when funds run low.

Multi-entity management in 5 currencies using Payhawk's corporate expense management software

Standardize expense settings globally

Define expense fields and types available to submit at the group level and apply across entities to standardize expense submission and avoid chasing data. Make any changes, and these will be automatically applied across your global business.

Streamline workflows across multiple entities

Simplify workflow management via the user-friendly platform. Build group-level workflows and apply them across entities. You can still manage workflows at an entity level to accommodate specific requirements, such as designated spend approvers.

standardise enterprise expense management

Streamline Accounts Payable across your entities

Quickly check what outstanding information remains in each of your entities. View the number of expenses that need action, such as approval or payment, and take appropriate action to resolve them.

Close your month faster

Manage your month-end close faster and more efficiently. No need to wait until the end of the month to start the process, as you can easily track and chase expenses with missing approval in just a few clicks.

Support multi-entity accounting

From sharing invoices between entities or entities trading with each other, multi-entity accounting can be an administrative challenge. Opening a Payhawk account for each of your group entities makes intercompany transactions and loans across subsidiaries a breeze. Plus, with MEM, you get centralized control and visibility — all in one place.

An interface of the Payhawk expense management software showing our multi-entity accounting features.

Onboard your teams across entities quickly and securely

Use the Group Employee Module to track the number of employees and active Payhawk users you have onboard. Invite employees in bulk, add new employees in several entities with one click, and appoint team managers and expense approvers at a group level.

Simplify managing your team structure

Manage your team globally with all of your Payhawk users’ relevant information in one screen. Create, delete, and edit teams at a group level to eliminate repetitive tasks across entities, such as the need to invite the same manager in all entities. Appoint multiple Group Administrators to overview all entities.

Payhawk's corporate team expense management features illustrated

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