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“A career in Payhawk, a rapidly developing company operating in a vibrant market, means many things but number one is that you're never bored. Stretched, challenged, satisfied – yes, but never bored.“

Lubo Atanassov,
Strategy Lead, Special Projects
Lubo Atanassov, Strategy Lead, Special Projects

Flexible working hours

You have a family issue that you have to take care in the morning? A doctors appointment, car repair? Just ping the team and finish your work later.

Local benefits

While we strive to maintain fairness in company perks across all locations, we also recognize the importance of offering tailored local benefits to best support our employees.

30 days annual leave

We are a fast moving start-up and we work hard to achieve our goals. Therefore all employees have 30 recreation days to recharge the batteries and move on.

Monthly commuting allowance

We offer a monthly commuting allowance to help cover the costs of getting to work. And because we want to make your life as easy as possible, we will add the amount to your Payhawk card, so you will experience first-hand the effortless payment.

Company card

Payhawk’s vision is that every employee deserves a company card. We want to enable you to do your work best by providing you with this simple asset.