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Explose agency is a Luxembourg-based digital agency that creates branding, websites, and apps. Explose agency works on worldwide content, including music videos and films, and has supported creative projects at companies including Lëtzebuerger Journal, Luxembourg Science Center, and Trek bikes.

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February 2021
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  • OCR
  • Customer service
  • Project spend management
Nadia Vanuytrecht, HR & Operations Manager

“Payhawk enables me to free up my time to focus on tasks that create company value.”

Nadia Vanuytrecht, HR & Operations Manager

Life before Payhawk

As a digital agency whose aims include simplifying lives through digital solutions, Explose knew their expense management processes couldn’t be old-fashioned and tedious.

Founder and Creative Director, Nourddine Sli, recalled times when he and the team had worked with legacy expense management solutions in previous roles. The process always included collecting lots of receipts and invoices, linking them to bank transactions, a lot of printing, and then sorting everything by date, line by line. Sli knew he wanted a digital expense solution that cut out the paper processes for Explose.

Saving time with modern expense management and accounting support

Instead of completing hours of data entry, Payhawk lets HR and Operations Manager Nadia Vanuytrecht free up time to focus on tasks that create company value.

Vanuytrecht mentioned how Payhawk’s OCR technology has made her accounting activities much easier and less time-consuming. The OCR helps identify duplicate invoices and auto-populates multiple fields, saving vast amounts of time and effort.

Monitoring project spending and improving efficiencies

For an agency like Explose, the work is primarily project based. Monitoring expenses per project is essential to help measure spending and keep budgets on track.

By making all company payments through Payhawk and assigning each payment to a project via bespoke categories within the tool, the team can easily track expenses and link them to ongoing projects.

Virtual cards help the agency stay efficient too. Executive Producer and Film Director, Medhi Sli, shares an example involving the art department. When they need to make an expense request for an item, the team can simply create a virtual card within Payhawk, set a limit, and share it. A straightforward, speedy process for everyone involved, with no need to submit paperwork to request funds. And no waiting to receive money ahead of time (or be reimbursed).

Empowered employees and unrivaled customer support

Now, thanks to Payhawk, every employee and team can manage their own expenses, specific project expenses, and import invoices — all in real-time. This efficient real-time, digital process means that Vanuytrecht always has the company spend info ready when she needs it, too, whether to close the month or prepare for an audit.

As far as Explose are concerned, the customer success team has far surpassed any expectations of a typical SaaS too. Vanuytrecht mentioned that they have always been super helpful and left no question unanswered. “They always follow up,” Vanuytrecht said. “And they make you feel valued.”

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