Help speed up month end. Control Card spending. Earn the same rewards¹.

Issue unique virtual Cards with built-in spending controls from Payhawk and manage business spending globally – all while earning the rewards of your eligible U.S. Corporate or Business American Express Card² when making virtual Card payments.

Enrolment with Payhawk is required and fees may apply.

With Payhawk there are even more reasons to love your Card

Control & visibility

Virtual Cards offer enhanced control and visibility into your payments

  • Establish specific controls for each on-demand virtual Card
  • Approve, modify, or cancel virtual Cards at any time
  • Enable employees, freelancers, and subcontractors to make payments on your behalf without sharing your physical Card
Image illustrating virtual Card limits on Payhawk
Payment and expense management

Give your employees time back through simplified expense management and reporting

Distribute on-demand virtual Cards to employees, freelancers, or other authorized users for business payments and expenses without sharing the underlying funding account details or the physical Card.

Upon payment with their virtual Card, Card Members can submit their expenses and receipts in real-time through the Payhawk mobile app. The process is accelerated through our market-leading OCR, saving time and preventing errors in manual data entry.

Image illustrating the different expense types and categorization options in the Payhawk spend management platform

Same rewards, additional control

When you add your eligible American Express Card to Payhawk to make payments, you can earn the same rewards you currently earn but with the added benefit of being able to manage your spending in one place.

Image illustrating that you will keep the same rewards with the integrated AMEX Card with Payhawk, but you will be able to manage easier your business expenses

Help streamline your bookkeeping and make reconciliation more efficient

Access virtual Card transaction data within Payhawk’s platform, reducing manual processes and improving reconciliation. Settled transactions and reviewed expenses are exported to your ERP in real-time.

Manage business spend across the world with our multi-entity expense management software

Pay with enhanced security

Each recipient of an on-demand virtual Card receives a unique 15-digit number, different from the underlying American Express Card funding account number.

Image illustrating the enhanced security of the virtual AMEX Card integrated with Payhawk spend management

How it works

Link your American Express Card with Payhawk

Link your American Express Card with Payhawk

Integrate your eligible American Express Card with Payhawk to manage payments, expenses, and empower employee spending.

Issue virtual Cards with built-in controls

Issue virtual Cards with built-in controls

Create and assign virtual Cards for your employees or other authorized personnel, where your linked American Express Card acts as the funding source. Set custom spending limits and policies on each virtual Card to ensure policy compliance and eliminate out-of-policy spend.

Enjoy real-time spend management & reconciliation

Enjoy real-time spend management & reconciliation

Have greater visibility on the billing statement for your eligible American Express accounts enrolled in Payhawk, by seeing on-demand virtual Card transactions, helping to make reconciliation more efficient.

Highly rated in all the right places

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“The UI is great! Not much of a learning curve, so getting full use out of the system is a simple process.”

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“I like the automatic recognition of the tickets; it saves a lot of time in expense reporting as before it took a few hours each month."

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“You can pay all your pending vendor invoices and expenses in bulk. I can also control the monthly subscriptions and define the categories and departments, and automatically synchronize them with my accounting software.“

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Ready to use your eligible American Express® Card within Payhawk?

1. To generate American Express virtual Cards through Payhawk, you must be an American Express Corporate or American Express Business Card Member. Separate enrolment with Payhawk and American Express is required to utilize combined product offering. To make an American Express Card payment to a vendor through Payhawk, the vendor must be an American Express accepting merchant. There is no fee to generate American Express virtual Cards. Certain features, upgrades, and additional payment methods may require separate activations and fees may apply. Payhawk is solely responsible for determining any and all fees associated with their product. Please contact your Payhawk representative to learn more.

2. Not all Cards are eligible to get rewards. Terms and limitations vary by Card type.