Sep 2, 2020
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Flight delay compensations for Payhawk cardholders

Flight Delay Compensation
Quick summary

Payhawk's business card has allowed hundreds of frequent travellers to cover car rentals, hotels, dinners, and everything else related to their business trips with ease. At Payhawk, however, we always ask ourselves how we can bring more value to our customers. Even in situations that our customers cannot anticipate.

If you travel a lot for business, you have probably experienced several flight delays without compensation. Which is not nice for either you or your company. One of EU's good practices for air travelers is the European regulation that obliges airlines to pay compensation for flight delays of 3 hours or more, cancellations, and overbookings (due to their fault). In reality, however, this doesn't happen that often. Even if the case is eligible, the claim process tends to take a long time, rarely being successful.

We knew flight delay compensation is something that our cardholders miss a lot, so we started looking for ways to offer an add on to our cards. This is how we came across Colibra's innovative approach.

Payhawk cardholders can now use Colibra's alternative solution to receive up to 20 times more frequent payouts.

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What is Colibra?

Colibra is a community of air travelers who share their right to receive compensations for more than a 3-hour flight delay. This allows them to get paid for flights that no airline would compensate (1 to 3 hours delay).

In essence, by using Colibra, passengers are more likely to be paid more often. Plus, with Colibra's simple mobile app, which also serves as a boarding pass wallet, there are no complex claim forms, no lawyer negotiations, no fees, and the payout is processed within 24 hours after landing.

Colibra Flight Protection

Colibra's standard solution earns you money for every flight with more than an hour delay. To be eligible for compensation from Colibra, you should add your flight to the app no later than 20 minutes before take-off, even if you think that your flight won't be delayed. You can then use the default 60-minute payout feature for guaranteed payment. Or you can move the time slider to increase the value of your compensation.

The good news for Payhawk Enterprise customers is that they will get а higher compensation package as part of their plan. Within 24 hours after landing, they will be compensated for any delay reason.

In summary

All Payhawk cardholders can now use Colibra's innovative solution to receive up to 20 times more frequent payouts. Each of our clients will receive:

  • Guaranteed compensations up to 100 EUR
  • Boarding pass wallet functionality
  • Real-time flight info about gate changes, time delays, etc.
  • Payout option in Bitcoin, Euro or Bulgarian Leva
  • Higher compensations for Enterprise clients

May you have any questions regarding Payhawk and Colibra cooperation and if you want to make use of the flight delay compensation, please talk to us via Intercom or book a demo.

Boris Angelov - Principal Product Manager at Payhawk - the spend management solution of tomorrow.
Boris Angelov
Principal Product Manager

Boris has a diverse product background from launching finance products to bringing payment programs to life. He is currently leading the Spend Controls product area focusing on enterprise features that bring visibility and control to finance teams.

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