Oct 12, 2023
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Oracle NetSuite partners Payhawk and MacroFin partner to streamline business payments

Payhawk and MacroFin Announce Commercial Partnership to Streamline Business Payments
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Payhawk, a global spend management solution, has partnered with MacroFin, an acclaimed NetSuite Alliance partner, to revolutionise business payments. Join over 110 customers already benefitting from a 99.7% successful NetSuite export rate; learn more.

The news:

  • NetSuite alliance partner MacroFin and ‘Built for NetSuite’ partner, spend management solution Payhawk announce partnership to support business spending
  • The partnership will allow businesses to get set up easily and start tracking and controlling expenses more efficiently
  • Payhawk's integration with NetSuite will continue to let companies export expenses, payments, and deposits in seconds. And leverage automatic two-way communication, improve reporting, and speed up month-end

With this partnership, MacroFin will offer its clients Payhawk's cutting-edge spend management software and seamless NetSuite integration, which enables businesses to easily track, manage and control their expenses, payments and deposits in real-time. Payhawk's all-in-one platform combines corporate cards, reimbursable expenses, accounts payable and seamless accounting software integrations into a single product, making business payments easier for everyone.

Optimise your accounting processes with our NetSuite integration

“We're excited to partner with Payhawk who offer a great payment solution. MacroFin have also chosen Payhawk for our own spend management and are very pleased with our experience so far. Payhawk is used by our employees who have been assigned cards for their expenses, and it integrates seamlessly into our NetSuite instance providing visibility and control around our costs and invoice payments. Our experience as a user of their product means we are well placed to advise our customers on the suitability to add to their tech stack" said Ross Latta, CEO of MacroFin.

Payhawk's integration with NetSuite allows businesses to export expenses, payments, and deposits in seconds, set up in less than 20 minutes and benefit from automatic two-way communication, real-time spend reporting and a quicker, more efficient month-end.

"We're thrilled to partner with MacroFin to offer businesses a comprehensive spend management solution that streamlines the payment process," said Hristo Borisov, CEO of Payhawk. "Our integration with NetSuite is seamless, and thanks to feedback from partners and customers, we’ve built something that is both robust and versatile enough to support our growing customers. We’re extremely proud that over 110 customers are already using the integration, and are seeing successful export rates of over 99.7%.”

Using or moving to NetSuite and looking for efficiency-boosting spend management and support with implementation? Then book a demo today to speak to one of our in-house experts.

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