Nov 26, 2020
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Payhawk Launches a Podcast: The Untold Stories Of Change

Boris Angelov - Principal Product Manager at Payhawk - the spend management solution of tomorrow. Boris Angelov
The Untold Stories Of Change
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Our work involves interacting with customers, investors, and partners on a daily basis. And what we have found is that the road to success in every relationship or business venture starts with a good conversation. And now we want to share this conversation with you.

The world has changed drastically over the last few decades. The exponential growth of technology has completely altered the context in which we live.

Not even a generation ago phones were connected to walls and cables, and computers would fill out an entire room. Don't even get us started on how difficult opening a bank account used to be.

Today connecting with others is at the tip of our fingers at any given moment. We see startups from every field emerging to tackle problems in new innovative ways. People are changing careers, building companies, raising capital, and transforming organizations, impacting our everyday lives.

Working in Fintech, we’ve discovered а marvelous world, where finance meets technology to bring together the innovation of some of the brightest minds. We found meaning in transforming tedious complexity into a simple and effective process that leaves people with time and energy to invest in the industries they genuinely love.

This world is an exceptional proving ground for change, but it can also be very challenging. We often get all caught up in the grind of delivering the next month, quarter, or year and the end results tend to shine brighter than the people behind them.

Podcast: Uncover stories of change from top business leaders

Beneath the surface, true inspiration comes from the leaders who drive change in their organizations. Their stories, however, often remain in the shadow of larger success or failure.

At Payhawk, the untold stories of change are the ones that resonate the most with our mission. And these are precisely the stories we want to share with you.

Introducing the Untold Stories of Change!

A podcast where we uncover the stories behind business leaders and the companies they build.

Our goal is to share inspiration, lessons, and insights from fascinating people which will intrigue and motivate you!

Find us on the dedicated podcast page or anywhere you’d listen to your favorite podcast.

Want to give it a go? Listen to our featured episode now!

Boris Angelov - Principal Product Manager at Payhawk - the spend management solution of tomorrow.
Boris Angelov
Principal Product Manager

Boris has a diverse product background from launching finance products to bringing payment programs to life. He is currently leading the Spend Controls product area focusing on enterprise features that bring visibility and control to finance teams.

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