Sep 15, 2022
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Payhawk introduces new Exact Online integration

Payhawk direct integration with exact online
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Payhawk now has a direct Exact Online integration via API. Data is automatically transferred error-free from Payhawk to Exact Online. Read more.

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    Payhawk enables companies to look after their spend management in a transparent and straightforward way. From company cards to expense management software, our tools let businesses digitise their corporate expenses, set spend controls, and manage bulk updates in an easy-to-use single platform.

    Moreover, our expense management tool integrates with your accounting system or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). And these integrations allow seamless data transfer from Payhawk to your preferred accounting system.

    At Payhawk, we go to great lengths to ensure that accounting fundamentals are adhered to in every integration. We understand that customers need to manage and automate the data between Payhawk and their accounting systems in real time in order to get good spend visibility and avoid month-end stresses and delays. That’s why our solution integrates with multiple accounting systems and ERPs.

    Exact is a global provider of cloud software that focuses on supporting financial processes for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). They do this via several different solutions, including the accounting system Exact Online, which is very popular in the Benelux region.

    We’re proud to announce that Payhawk is the only expense management solution listed on the Exact Online Marketplace and is available in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Spain and the UK. Many of our customers use Exact Online, so we’re pleased to provide a hassle-free integration to support them in their financial processes.

    Streamline your accounting with our Exact Online integration

    What does the Exact Online integration mean for our customers?

    The new Exact Online integration is a direct connection via an API. Data is sent directly and automatically from Payhawk, which means no more manual input or human error.

    But that’s just the start; there are tonnes of other benefits, including:

    • A considerably faster process with fewer steps in the month-end close process
    • Less stress around the end of the month as reconciliation with the accounting system occurs continuously throughout the month every time data is uploaded from Payhawk
    • Real-time reporting (to support analysis of expenses)
    • The integration uses our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature. Our OCR tech means that all the data from your receipt images and PDF invoices is pulled out automatically to eliminate manual data entry. Exact Online doesn’t have OCR functionality, so the integration helps save time and boost efficiency across the platforms
    • Using this integration does not incur any additional costs and is included in every package

    Why integrate Payhawk with Exact Online?

    At Payhawk, we take integrations seriously. We have an enthusiastic and committed team of engineers working on them to ensure they offer the best-in-class experience. We also continuously stay in touch with our customers and prospects to get feedback on their needs. These combined approaches help us fully understand the importance of integrations and deliver them in the best way to support your growing business.

    Aside from the benefits above, the Exact Online integration is fast. You can be up and running in 20 minutes with all your essential information, such as the entire accounting data, VAT codes, departments, and cost centres, all available in Payhawk.

    Want to integrate your business expenses with Exact Online? Book a demo with us and let one of our experts explain how you can increase productivity, save time, eliminate manual processes, and fully focus on growing your business.

    Nerissa Goedhart - Content Manager (Dutch) at Payhawk's expense management solution
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