May 28, 2024
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Payhawk recognised as DATEV-Marktplatz Schnittstellen Partner

This article has been brought to you by our spend management editorial team.Payhawk Editorial Team
Payhawk Recognised as DATEV-Marktplatz Schnitstellen Partner
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Berlin / London—29 May 2024: Payhawk, the global spend management solution, has been named a DATEV-Marktplatz Schnittstellenpartner by DATEV, a leading provider of tax consulting, advisory, and financial accounting software. This is another significant milestone and recognition of Payhawk's seamless and efficient integration solution.

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    DATEV's marketplace lists solutions from software vendors, which are a useful addition to the DATEV ecosystem. Companies and tax law firms can find the right solutions for their individual needs here.

    The partner solutions are linked to the DATEV products via the DATEV data services. This enables automated and secure data exchange and allows optimizing the collaboration between law firms and companies. In order to ensure successful interaction between the solutions, DATEV regularly carries out technical testing of the DATEV interfaces in the partner solutions.

    Payhawk had already started working with DATEV in 2021 to improve interoperability between the systems and optimize companies’ accounting processes in relation to their accountants. Payhawk is now listed on the DATEV marketplace based on the implementation of the DATEV Rechnungsdatenservice 1.0.

    This status reinforces Payhawk's reputation as a trusted partner and recognises
    significant service improvements over the years, including full supplier management, double-entry transaction transfer, automation of accounting tasks, consolidation of accounting data, and the ability to integrate with other financial systems across Europe.

    Hristo Borisov, CEO and co-founder of Payhawk, says:

    Being a DATEV-Marktplatz Schnittstellenpartner is a significant achievement for us and recognises our commitment to providing the best solutions for Germany and Europe. At Payhawk, we are committed to driving innovation in a sector that is often still working with outdated and manual systems. Through our system integrations with the best and most mature software solutions, we enable finance teams in medium to large organisations to gain control and visibility over their business spend.

    You can find Payhawk in the DATEV Marktplatz at

    To learn more about the DATEV integration, visit

    This article has been brought to you by our spend management editorial team.
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