Payhawk Cashback Terms

The Payhawk cashback offer applies to customers on yearly plans only. The cashback applies to all card payments and is capped at your base monthly Payhawk subscription fee.

The offer is available to all new customers on yearly plans, and company eligibility will be confirmed at signing. It is within Payhawk’s sole discretion to determine if the cashback program will be offered to existing customers.

Payhawk will work out your spend across company cards per month and will deduct from your base monthly subscription fee an amount equal to your total card spend multiplied by the applicable cashback rate. By way of example:

If a customer has a €1000 base monthly subscription fee and card spend of €10,000 at a 1% cashback rate, then 10,000*1% = €100 deduction from the base monthly subscription fee.

The total amount of your cashback will at no time exceed your base monthly subscription fee.

Only payments settled within a given billing period are eligible for cashback within the same billing period.

The following transactions will not be considered eligible:

  • Inbound transfers to your Payhawk Account made by your company or any third party
  • Outbound transfers from your Payhawk Account
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Chargebacks

Cashback amounts will only be deducted from your base monthly subscription fee under the condition that you have no overdue fees for any previous months.

As the operator of the cashback program, Payhawk shall at no point and under no circumstance be liable to you for an amount that exceeds your base monthly subscription fee.