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High-limit corporate cards are the key

Verto Digital is a digital growth agency that helps scaleups accelerate their demand generation. The expert team mostly focuses on digital analytics, digital advertising, and organic visibility.

Digital Marketing
Started using Payhawk
April 2019
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  • Cards
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  • Low FX rates
Bilyana Katmarova sharing her thoughts on credit Payhawl corporate credit cards with high limit

“We spend a lot on marketing campaigns, so our biggest issue was always the card limits. Payhawk offered us high-limit cards and a more intuitive interface so we could stay agile and keep moving.”

Bilyana Katmarova, Finance Manager
Verto Digital teamVerto Digital team

Life before Payhawk

Verto Digital manages its customers' marketing spend by allocating budgets to various campaigns, platforms, and tools. Their customers benefit from a consolidated report where they can see all of their marketing spend based on each budget.

Before Payhawk, Verto Digital kept facing the same problem again and again. The social media platforms paused their campaigns because they had hit their company's card limit.

Using credit and debit cards from traditional banks instead of smart corporate visa cards linked to expense management software meant they couldn't stay as agile as they wanted, creating an ongoing headache for the team.

Removing card complexity

Finance Manager Bilyana Katmarova started looking for company cards that would be easy to use and would allow her to roll out their campaigns without interruption.

"We have high spending on marketing campaigns," Katmarova explained. "So the biggest issue for us was the card limits. Payhawk offered us high-limit cards and a more intuitive solution."

The higher card limits, coupled with the physical and virtual debit cards, provided the team with a solution that removed the friction of paused campaigns and helped them pour more time into planning campaigns for their customers.

"We have high spending on marketing campaigns. So, the biggest issue for us was the card limits. Payhawk offered us high-limit cards and a more intuitive solution."

Controlling budgets with Payhawk

Verto Digital aims to further strengthen its partnership with Google by becoming a certified Google Marketing Platform Partner, which participates in many of its initiatives. By using Payhawk cards, they will not only stay agile thanks to the high limits on spend, but they will also have complete control and visibility.

Managing advertising spend is crucial for companies of any size. Having exact numbers and real-time spend visibility over each campaign or team is vital. By assessing spending in real-time, businesses can swiftly understand what works and doesn't and pull the necessary levers to get things back on track.

With Payhawk, you can tightly monitor your budgets and control all your spending in one single tool. Moreover, you can issue cards instantly and benefit from better exchange rates and higher card limits than any commercial bank.

Get high-limit cards - and more control

Just because you give your employees credit cards with high limit (like Verto Digital did), it doesn't have to mean that more risk is involved. Thanks to Payhawk's spend controls, like daily limits and approval workflows, finance teams can empower employees to spend with company cards while still retaining good governance, control, and compliance.

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