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Hohe Kartenlimite sind alles

Verto Digital ist Agentur für digitales Marketing, die wachsenden Unternehmen dabei unterstützt, ihre Nachfragegenerierung zu beschleunigen. Das Team konzentriert sich hauptsächlich auf digitale Werbung, Leistungsanalysen sowie organische Sichtbarkeit.

Digitales Marketing
Mit Payhawk seit
April 2019
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  • Debitkarten
  • Benutzeroberfläche
Bilyana Katmarova, Finance Manager

Wir haben teilweise hohe Ausgabe pro Kampagne, daher ist der Kartenlimit von zentraler Bedeutung für uns. Payhawk bot uns High-Limit-Karten und eine intuitive Benutzeroberfläche.

Bilyana Katmarova, Finance Manager
Team von Verto DigitalTeam von Verto Digital

Life without Payhawk

VertoDigital manages its customers‘ marketing spend by allocating budgets to a range of various campaigns, platforms, and tools. Their customers benefit from a consolidated report where they can see their spending based on those different budgets.

Of course, having more customers is a blessing, but it quickly becomes a curse when you have difficulties keeping your campaigns running. The problem that VertoDigital faced was that some of the campaigns on social media were put on pause because the card’s limit was reached quickly. Unfortunately, banks don’t issue debit/credit cards for digital advertising, let alone virtual cards. Instead, their cards come with low spending limits that are hard to manipulate.

The Payhawk Dream

Bilyana started looking for cards that would be easy to use and would allow her to ensure no interruptions to their campaigns.

„We have high spending on marketing campaigns, so the biggest issue for us are the card limits. Payhawk offered us high-limit cards and a more intuitive interface.“

The higher limits, coupled with the physical or virtual debit card, provide Bilyana and her team with the ability to focus on her daily activities without increasing complexity. Keeping it simple helps their process stay the same and allows them to focus all of their attention on their customers.

What’s next?

VertoDigital aims to further strengthen its partnership with Google by becoming a certified Google Marketing Platform Partner, which participates in many of its initiatives.

Luckily, Payhawk will be by their side, making sure they have the right cards on their side.

Managing advertising spend is crucial for companies of any size. The value of having exact numbers for each campaign or team and swiftly understanding what works and what doesn’t today, in the time of COVID-19, is unprecedented. With Payhawk, you can tightly monitor your budgets and control all your spending in one single tool. Moreover, you can issue cards instantly and benefit from better exchange rates and higher card limits than any commercial bank.

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