Building a finance function that drives business strategy and growth

Building a Finance Function that Drives Business Strategy and Growth

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Modern businesses need finance teams to “determine how processes, investments, funding, and operational strategies can be optimised to improve the bottom line.” Research from Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, sponsored by Payhawk, reveals that while 64% of business leaders believe finance departments should analyse financial data to make recommendations on business strategy, 67% said that finance teams focus on chasing down receipts and expenses. Clearly, there’s a disconnect, and if modern businesses want to win, they must free their finance teams of manual number-crunching with expert tools and automation.

Download the full report to learn how and why finance teams must automate important but time-consuming manual tasks to focus on solving challenges and driving business growth.

  • How your business can better equip your finance team to make recommendations on the organisation’s high-level business model and strategy
  • How automation and process optimisation can save your business time and money and offer clear visibility to support decision-making
  • How finance can become a collaborative, strategic partner for stability and growth across teams and the business as a whole
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