The easiest way to manage company finances

Payhawk combines business credit cards and debit cards, payments, expenses and cash into one integrated experience.

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Ultimate control over company spending

Define spend policies and approval flows with our advanced workflows. Spend limits can be set by defining individual or team thresholds and adjusted at any time. The associated budget owner will receive notifications in real-time to approve transactions.

A screenshot showing automated invoice reconciliation and custom employee reimbursement features of the Payhawk expense management application

Issue virtual & physical corporate cards

Virtual Cards

Generate virtual cards for online payments. Trust employees to make payments under strict spending rules and budgets controlled by the finance team.

Physical Cards

Issue best-in-class corporate visa cards to travelling employees. Control every payment with built-in spend rules and automatically collect outstanding receipts in real-time.

Team Cards

Issue team cards for employees spending from a shared budget. Each employee receives a unique card number tied to a shared team budget. The perfect solution to manage subscriptions, marketing budgets, or project-based spending.

Payhawk's smart corporate visa cards

Eliminate manual work with data extraction in 60+ languages

Automatically extract and reconcile data from invoices in more than 60 languages and digitise bookkeeping. Leverage a powerful OCR with machine learning that learns from your input to automate manual data entry.

Automated invoice reconciliation thanks to our OCR image recognition features.

Save time with fast and easy payments

Set your payments on auto-pilot. Payhawk provides dedicated IBANs allowing free SEPA Instant and Faster Payments transfers fully integrated with your vendor management process.

Automated accounting thanks to custom fields you can define in Payhawk expense management application

Flawless integration with your business tools

No more manual uploads: Payhawk easily syncs your expenses and receipts with the ERP system and accounting software of your choice, while making sure 100% of the pushed data is correct.

Payhawk ERP integrations