Dec 8, 2023
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Global spend management solution Payhawk honored in Fintech Power 50 2024

This article has been brought to you by our spend management editorial team.Payhawk Editorial Team
Payhawk Honored In Fintech Power 50 2024 Guide
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Payhawk proudly joins The Fintech Power 50's 2024 cohort and is proud to share the spotlight with top companies and leaders in global fintech across diverse sectors like paytech, wealthtech, and embedded finance.

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The news

  • International spend management solution Payhawk is honored in The Fintech Power 50 2024
  • The recognition closes out a busy but successful year of product launches, partnerships, and international growth

Payhawk is proud to feature in the latest cohort of The Fintech Power 50, the annual guide to the most influential, innovative and powerful figures in the fintech industry.

Payhawk's selection as part of the Fintech Power 50 comes against the backdrop of recent growth and product launches. This year, Payhawk has unveiled new 'procure to pay' automation to streamline business spending, implemented a global payment solution in partnership with WISE Platform, become a principal member of VISA Europe, and obtained license in Lithuania.

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Now in its fifth year, the 2024 edition of The Fintech Power 50 showcases 40 trail-blazing companies and 10 of the most trusted industry leaders across the fintech ecosystem.

Companies in the 2024 cohort hail from across the globe, including Canada, Europe, the Middle East, the UK and the US and span from burgeoning sectors such as paytech, wealthtech and embedded finance.

The Fintech Power 50 offers bespoke networking and event opportunities that actively promote its members to a global audience, showcasing the hottest in the fintech world.

Jason Williams, co-founder of The Fintech Power 50, explains, “This year’s Fintech Power 50 cohort of companies are as diverse as ever in terms of which sectors they’re disrupting and where in the world they are disrupting them. They are impacting regtech, paytech, wealthtech, banking-as-a-service, lendtech and open banking, providing some of the most exciting disruption models."

Mark Walker, co-founder of The Fintech Power 50, also comments: "While our lively members are busy solving pain points for customers and the industry right now, there are also ten fin-fluencers in this year's cohort looking forward to future trends within the financial services sector. Being part of the Fintech Power 50 is not just an award; it's a testament to the work individuals and companies are doing to help the sector innovate and grow, and it also serves as a great recommendation tool."

Hristo Borisov, CEO and co-founder of Payhawk says, "We're thrilled to be part of the Fintech Power 50 this year. In 2023, we attained VISA Europe principal membership, launched 'procure to pay' features for smoother business spending, became officially recognised as 'Built for NetSuite', partnered with Wise Platform to launch global payments, and obtained license in Lithuania. So, it's a great recognition to end a busy and exciting year."

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This article has been brought to you by our spend management editorial team.
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