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Payhawk from an investor perspective with June Fund

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Berlin & New York
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Started using Payhawk
June 2020
Features they love
  • FX rates

”Payhawk had a different pitch than the other expense companies we were talking to. Payhawk focused not so much on startups and small companies but on mid-size companies.“

David Rosskamp, Founder and General Partner
June Fund Investment Team MeetingJune Fund Investment Team Meeting

Life before Payhawk

As a technology fund, June Fund was looking into expense management solutions in Europe, and came across Payhawk. The team wanted to improve the way their team spent across different regions and countries and wanted a solution that could support easily and cost-effectively.

"Payhawk looked like a great fit," explianed David Rosskamp, Founder and General Partner. "And we liked the fact that Earlybird’s Digital East team had backed the company early in 2020. We were intrigued to find out more about how the corporate cards and expense management software could benefit us."

Payhawk targets mid-size companies and underserved markets

The team at June Fund were also pleased to see that Payhawk could support their needs, as they had noticed that many of the other solutions on the market catered more toward startups and small companies. June Fund needed better, more comprehensive support than many of our competitors could provide and wanted to use a product that was available in more markets.

At Payhawk, we support customers in over 32+ countries and growing.

"What we love about Payhawk is the amazing FX rates, as we travel plenty around the world. My team is also very happy with the support team."

How fintechs are changing the way we do business

Fintechs, including Payhawk, have been saving time and improving user-experience for consumers and businesses for a few years now.

Some of the biggest ways we save companies time and money includes via our OCR, automated receipt chasing, and the way we streamline bank reconciliation processes via smart integrations with software like NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics.

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