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How digital finance transformation put HeyCar in the fast lane

Founded in 2017, HeyCar is the fastest-growing online used-car platform in Europe. Financial Controller and Accountant at HeyCar, Claudia Llambrich, shares how using Payhawk has helped put the company's business travelers in the driving seat.

Started using Payhawk
October 2021
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  • Custom approval flows
  • Ease of use and flexibility for card creation and cancellation
  • Spend control and visibility
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HeyCar is a platform where dealers can list and promote used and nearly new vehicles. Customers can purchase a car with a warranty, receive it within ten days, test it for two weeks, and return it if unsatisfied.

Operating in Germany, the UK, Spain, France, and the Netherlands, HeyCar insists all vehicles meet specific criteria to appear on the platform. Cars must be under eight years old, have less than 150,000 km mileage, and pass quality control checks.

We spoke with Claudia Llambrich, Financial Controller and Accountant at HeyCar, about the impact of the finance team's digital transformation with Payhawk.

HeyCar story

"Since using Payhawk, we've gained spend control and visibility. We now know what and how much is being spent in each department, which person made the expense, what the travel budget is, and much more."

Claudia Llambrich, Financial Controller and Accountant at HeyCar

Life before Payhawk

Before HeyCar started working with us, their process was manual. Like many growing businesses, it consisted of manually writing down all the employee expenses in an Excel spreadsheet and physically attaching invoices, receipts and tickets.

Claudia recalls:

Employees had to pay for products and services out-of-pocket and then follow a reimbursement process to get repaid (which typically took just under a month.) They followed a process that involved attaching receipts and tickets to Excel spreadsheets. Then, at the end of the month, we sent it to the management company.

The HeyCar team knew there was an easier way and wanted to try expense management software to improve their tracking, spend management, and month-end processes. The team wanted to digitize their financial processes, so they decided to try our solution.

How corporate cards and the Payhawk app help HeyCar go faster

Before switching to us, the HeyCar team found issuing and stopping cards a real pain. Creating cards, freezing them, and canceling them was time-consuming. Card issuance alone meant going to a traditional bank and waiting fifteen days to receive the card.

With our solution, corporate card issuance is almost instant; Virtual cards take just seconds, and physical cards take just three days.

Claudia shared an example from their sales team, explaining that each team member needs a card as they travel a lot. Each card should arrive fast and have the following:

The cards couldn’t be easier to use either, as they are connected to the Payhawk app, letting the HeyCar team spend as they need, photograph and upload their receipt, and select a spend category in just seconds. Saving themselves and the finance team time, stress, and paper.

Claudia says:

Our employees found it easy to get to grips with the Payhawk App. The tutorials Payhawk provided were very helpful. There’s been no card misuse, either. The company has set usage limits associated with our spending policy, and the team has them with no problems.

If someone in the team needs to increase their card budget, they simply have to request the funds. This request then goes through their customizable approval flow and either gets auto-approved or is flagged for the designated approver to check.

Claudia continues:

I really like using Payhawk because we can customize it to fit our needs perfectly, and everything is neatly organized. Managing expenses is a breeze — no more manual Excel entries!

Driving spend control and visibility

Since implementing Payhawk, the team at HeyCar has gained invaluable control and visibility over spending. Claudia and her colleagues now have visibility into expenses across departments, including who's spending what and when, travel budgets, and more.

Claudia shares:

Since using Payhawk, we've gained spend control and visibility. We now know what and how much is being spent in each department, which person made the expense, what the travel budget is, and much more.

The new, improved level of transparency has empowered the team to make better decisions and manage team finances even more effectively, giving them complete oversight of spend per country, category, and more.

In terms of data collection, the Payhawk solution is very visual and intuitive, too. You only need to check that you've categorized everything properly, and you can save so much time — especially at month-end close.

Taking expenses on the road with a TravelPerk integration

The TravelPerk integration ensures everything moves quickly and stays in the policy. Each employee is responsible for their travel expenses, with requests approved according to HeyCar's set rules. And if an expense falls outside the policy? Department heads can verify the approval fast, ensuring financial oversight and compliance.

Claudia shares:

Each employee is responsible for their travel expenses — and we have a separate manager approve any fund requests, etc, according to our established expense policies. If something goes outside policy, then the department head verifies the approval. This workflow is so helpful for us at the finance level!

Before switching to us, employees at HeyCar would plan and organize their travel manually, storing paper receipts and going through lengthy reimbursements. But now, they just need to validate it and share digital receipts and invoices through the App.

Integrating Payhawk with Travelperk has really helped us digitize our processes!

Employee empowerment and unbeatable customer service

Now, thanks to Payhawk, each HeyCar employee or department can manage their expenses and import invoices and receipts in real time on a single platform. Digital processes and smart integrationsmake it easy for the HeyCar team to see expense information and spend quickly and across teams and projects.

Further to real-time visibility, Claudia and her team highlight our customer service as a big USP for them.

We really like having the people to support us in case any problems arise. The Payhawk team is very friendly, super attentive, and has exceeded our expectations.

For a fast-growing, successful company like HeyCar, having all-in-one software, automated expense control, real-time reporting, and a customisable card program is vital. And their story sounds familiar; it might be time to go through a transformation of your own.

Get complete card control and expense visibility with our solution. Book a personalized demo to find out more.

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