QuickBooks Integration to Speed Up Month-Close and Automate Expense Data

Our QuickBooks integration works directly via their API, and lets you seamlessly export expenses, payments, and deposits in seconds. You can set up in less than 20 minutes and benefit from automatic two-way communication and a quicker, more efficient month-end.

Simple synchronisation of financial data

Automatically import your GL codes, tax rates, and custom fields such as Location and Class into Payhawk. Because we map exported expenses to the native object in the external system, you can forget about manual corrections and take advantage of the reporting functionalities within your accounting system.


Automatic invoice and expense reconciliation for in-month review

Payment reconciliation occurs automatically, letting you review expenses as you go rather than waiting until month-end. Identify discrepancies quickly and minimise manual workload with our QuickBooks Online direct API integration.

Automatic invoice and expense reconciliation for in-month review

Eliminate errors easily

Automatically sync expense corrections into QuickBooks Online to eliminate bookkeeping mistakes and reduce the need to jump between systems. Return any expense for review in our tool, and once you correct and export it again, we’ll automatically push the rectified data to the right place in QuickBooks Online.

No more receipt chasing and manual errors

Automated data input

Leverage our leading-class Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology to automate data extraction straight into QuickBooks Online from invoices and receipts. Let our OCR pre-fill all essential data, including supplier info, invoice numbers, account numbers, dates, and more.

Automated data input with our OCR technology

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