Payhawk + SSO with Google and SAML

Fast and secure authentication for all employees

Payhawk now integrates with all widely used identity providers such as Okta, Microsoft Azure, and Google Workspace to ensure employees have a secure and straightforward log-in experience. This integration allows customers to increase the level of security as SSO and SAML provide a single point of authentication. It also offers greater governance and control and supports efficiency gains as users can access multiple applications seamlessly.

What are the benefits?

  • With single sign-on, you don't need to remember countless usernames and passwords
  • Companies can manage employee access to Payhawk like any other tool their company uses
  • Employee onboarding and offboarding are simplified with central user management through your identity/authentication provider
  • Single sign-on to Payhawk across all your entities means you can easily manage users across the globe
Payhawk + Google SSO & SAML