Payments are easy with Payhawk and Google Pay™

The easy and secure way to pay. Add your Payhawk Visa card to Google Pay to make fast, safe contactless payments with your Android device.

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Payhawk payments just got easier

The integration with Google Pay allows employees to make transactions using the devices they carry with them everyday. Employees can add the card to their Google Wallet and easily make payments at POS terminals and do online checkouts, without the need to input card details.

A screenshot from Payhawk iOS application showing how easy it is to manage corporate expenses at scale using our solution.

Payhawk goes green

With the addition of a digital wallet to our arsenal of payment options, we’re entering the era of not only cash-less, but also cardless payments! Payhawk users can create a virtual card for their employees in seconds and connect it to Google Pay in a few clicks. Good for the environment and for your peace of mind.

Use Payhawk virtual cards to pay instantly and without wasting paper via Google Pay

Encrypted and secured by Google

We are building a world-class infrastructure to protect your company’s money. On top of Payhawk’s security, using Google Pay adds an extra layer of protection. When making an in-store purchase, Google creates a temporary code to handle the transaction instead of sharing your payment details directly with the merchant.

An illustration showing the security features of Payhawk corporate expense management software

Add your physical or virtual Payhawk card to Google Pay in minutes

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16 Apr 2024


16 Apr 2024


16 Apr 2024