Payhawk Receipts Mailbox for Paid Expenses

We recently introduced the ability to easily upload unpaid bills to Payhawk directly from your inbox. We decided to go one step further!

Users can now forward any paid invoice or receipt to, which will automatically match it to the existing expense on our platform.



by Tsvetina Yancheva 17 Dec 2020



The process is pretty simple.

Let’s say you bought something from an online vendor with your Payhawk card. This automatically generates an expense in the Payhawk portal. However, the vendor sends you the invoice via email.


Previously, you would have to download the invoice and then manually upload the invoice for the corresponding expense.


With our new Receipts Mailbox, however, all you have to do is forward the email containing the invoice to

This will automatically match it to the already existing expense in the Payhawk portal accordingly.


The magic behind it

Once you forward a paid receipt to we will:


  1. Recognize the company and employee
  2. Read the invoice with our smart AI computer vision
  3. Match the expense to an already existing transaction by the sum, supplier name, and VAT number


If a corresponding transaction cannot be found on our platform, the employee will be prompted via email to send the invoice to in case they want to create a new bank expense from it.


We’ve kept the Mailbox Email Addresses pretty simple. 

But if you ever need a refresher, you can find them in the portal as well as the mobile application under profile/settings:





As with everything else we do, we hope it saves you valuable time to do the things that matter most to you ????



Written by Tsvetina Yancheva

December 17, 2020

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