30 Nov 2020
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Introducing Payhawk Receipts Mailbox

Payhawk's spend management solution feature - receipts mailbox.
Quick summary

Introducing Payhawk's Receipts Mailbox: a new way to effortlessly manage your unpaid bills and invoices. Just forward them to unpaid@payhawk.me and let us handle the rest. Our system automatically recognises the company and employee from the email address, creating an expense with the attached document. Paying suppliers is now just a click away, freeing up your time for what truly matters in your business.

Say Hi to Payhawk's new Receipts Mailbox: Upload unpaid bills & invoices directly from your mailbox.

As more and more expenses shift to online, we're making it easier for our clients to upload unpaid receipts and invoices directly from their inbox with a few clicks.

Payhawk helps you keep control of all company spend on one single platform. Our new Receipts Mailbox is here to make this even simpler!

This new feature will save hours of organizational effort.

No more tedious copy-pasting. Sit back and watch the magic happen.

In order to keep track of bills, which are not paid with a Payhawk NextGen Company card, a new expense must be registered on the platform.

Instead of doing this manually, just leave it to us!

The process is pretty simple.

To create a new expense for an outstanding bill, all you have to do is:

  1. forward the invoice/bill to unpaid@payhawk.me

And you're done!

Payhawk will now create a new expense in the portal:

Screenshot from Payhawk's spend management solution feature - receipts mailbox. Screenshot from Payhawk's spend management solution feature - receipts mailbox.

Unlock better financial controls: Explore expense management with Payhawk

How it works:

For non-card expenses that you send to unpaid@payhawk.me, we recognize the company and employee by looking at the email address and create an expense with the attached document. Of course, our computer vision will extract all the necessary data for you.

Once all data is reviewed, paying the supplier is just one click away.

As with everything else we do, we hope it saves you valuable time to do the things that matter most to you and your company.

Tsvetina Yancheva - Product Marketing Manager at Payhawk's corporate expense management platform.
Tsvetina Yancheva
Product Marketing Lead

Tsvety is the creative force behind Payhawk's product marketing initiatives. She's dedicated to shaping our brand's image, refining messaging, and orchestrating our go-to-market strategy. Beyond her strategic role, she unwinds with a love for exquisite food, finds solace in yoga, and explores the world, fueled by a passion for live music experiences.

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