Company cards vs cash: How to build your cashless business

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This product is not available for micro-enterprises or small charities as defined in the UK Consumer Duty Regulations. A micro-enterprise employs less than 10 people and has a turnover or annual balance sheet of no more than €2 million. A business must have both of these defining features to be considered a micro-enterprise. See the FCA website for more information.

Company cards can replace company cash more efficiently than ever. By going cashless, a business can gain greater spend visibility and empower its employees to pay by physical and virtual company cards and submit their expenses — all in one place.

Explore the business benefits of going cashless, like

  • Increased safety & compliance
  • Greater convenience & transparency
  • Better efficiency
Track your company spend

Monitor every business expense and transaction as it happens in real-time. Gain important insights to help with planning and forecasting. And easily share reports with stakeholders and senior management.

Make every payment traceable

Connect specific company cards to specific employees, so you always know who's spending. Support individuals to spend as necessary across different functions too;

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Set up budgets

Set up your budget management per cost centre and track payments and expenses against them in real-time. Get valuable insights on how money is spent across business functions.