How to open an Irish entity, in partnership with Cafico International

Payhawk x Capico International - Guide on how to open an Irish business entity

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This product is not available for micro-enterprises or small charities as defined in the UK Consumer Duty Regulations. A micro-enterprise employs less than 10 people and has a turnover or annual balance sheet of no more than €2 million. A business must have both of these defining features to be considered a micro-enterprise. See the FCA website for more information.

Setting up an entity in Ireland can be challenging; we know because we've done it. That's why we've worked with corporate service provider Cafico International to create this practical guide to growing your business into Ireland.

Learn how to open an Irish entity with info, like:

  • What kind of entity you should open
  • Why you should prepare in advance
  • When to enlist the help of expert partners
  • Delays to look out for

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