Dec 10, 2021
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Seven great reasons to work at Payhawk

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You see it everywhere. The constant job posts on LinkedIn. The neverending messages from recruitment managers. The Sisyphean (you know, the King from Greek mythology who pushed a boulder up the hill) effort companies make to stand out as an employer and attract the best and brightest out there. We, at Payhawk, are no different.

We want to find the best talent and share enjoyable, productive, sometimes groundbreaking days at work. Yet, there's so much more to our culture. Let's explore what exactly makes working here so great.

We talked to more than half of our team to understand what they love about working here and what motivates them. They gave us their top five reasons, so here's a quick guide of the very best things about working here and what you could expect from a career with us.

Build a legendary product

Perhaps it's because we're all involved in building and perfecting the product. Or, maybe it's because there's no other SaaS tool with our functionalities worldwide. Either way, one thing’s for sure: product development inspires each of us to continue being a part of this journey.

"Scaling up a world-class expense management tool" is not just part of our brand messaging. It's ingrained in our culture. The enormous impact our company cards and software have on businesses keeps us determined to innovate and improve our product features continually. Business digitalization is the future, and we're right on the top of that wave.

Take your career to new heights

Be part of an awesome international team

We're not in the same place, but we're looking in the same direction. We're pretty diverse, with offices in four countries and a planned expansion to new continents after our Series B round.

Our team is different in nationality, background, and interests. Sometimes, it's difficult to understand our colleagues' heavy accents or figure out the difference between swear words and praise. But, we're bound by the same goal: Scale-up Payhawk to be the very best for our customers all over the world.

You can learn from everybody

It's only been three years since our inception, so our team is still relatively small. This means that our cross-departmental collaboration is high, and we get to communicate and learn from one another closely.

At Payhawk, everyone's your mentor, as each of us has a unique skill set and individual approach towards tackling daily tasks and challenges. And this teamwork reaps some incredible outcomes. As an example, we recently closed our biggest client thanks to the hard work of six people in four different teams.

Company culture

Our daily mission to convert prospects into raving fans also has a massive impact on our culture. We have a genuinely flat hierarchy in place, which prompts us to take ownership of our projects and focus on outcomes.

We believe that freedom and context are what people need to be top performers. And that's the environment we're creating to exceed our customers' expectations and offer unparalleled value. We also take the time to appreciate each other's effort and creativity and celebrate the

accomplishments we've achieved. You can learn more about our culture straight from the horse's mouth, our CEO and founder Hristo Borisov here.

Startup environment everywhere

The notorious fast-paced startup environment — a red flag for some, a dream come true for others. Well, here at Payhawk, we're dreamers, and we're doers. Everything we do has a direct and visible impact on the product and the industry.

Imagine you're a software engineer, and you're designing new code to implement some dope new features. A week later, you open the Payhawk app — as we use it for our own expense management — and voila, you get to actually test and use the end-product. Our code to production process is very fast. A speed and efficiency that helps us respond to feedback and implement new and innovative features super quickly.

As a SaaS startup, we understand the value of great technology, and our tech stack reflects this. In a word, we trust other savvy companies to help us grow, much like they count on us to revolutionize their expense management. That's how we effectively collaborated with one of our clients, a video production company called Explose, to create a great customer story from one of our top clients, Luxair.

You're hungry for new challenges

We know working at a startup always seems so cool. However, working in the fintech sector, where regulations change constantly, new actors come and go, and where you have to adapt the product regularly, might be challenging for some.

We love challenges, and we have overcome many already, including securing our OCR certificate with the Spanish authorities, which wasn't easy. Moreover, many businesses out there still believe that maintaining the status quo of their current finance stack is better than implementing a new SaaS tool. It never is, and changing that mindset is a challenge on its own.

Customer obsession

You may read that the customer’s king and the customer’s always right. Well, for us, that's 100% true. We're obsessed with our clients' success. We regularly ask for customer feedback on features or 'nice to haves'. We then update the product to make the features live as soon as possible. Our product roadmap considers both market and industry trends and customer needs.

The customer success team and sales team share our customer issues with us, so the whole team knows our priorities. Even on the busiest days, we answer our customer queries in less than three minutes.

Lots of our marketing content comes from interviews with clients who are experts in their relevant sector. And, we love to hear how they've been able to save time and money by using our product so that they can focus on more important things than paying bills or managing expenses.

You probably looked at this blog as you thought about applying for a job at Payhawk. But now, you're just as obsessed with the product as us. Well, all our employees get to use the product as just one of our many benefits, so it's a win-win. Want to learn more about your career path with us? Check out our openings now.

Magdalena Hristova - Customer Marketing Manager at Payhawk
Magdalena Hristova
Customer Marketing Manager

Maggie has been an integral part of our journey from a modest three-person marketing team to where we are today. A jack of all trades, she navigated through social media, directed various video campaigns, and started our customer marketing function. Outside the office, she embraces the challenge of being a mediocre snowboarder.

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