Mar 12, 2023
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Payhawk releases new emergency credit card line for US and UK customers with zero-interest rate

Hristo Borisov, CEO

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Credit Card FAQs

To access Payhawk credit cards, you need to become a Payhawk customer. You must go through our compliance and contracting processes to become a customer. If you’re looking to submit an emergency credit card application, please contact us at

  • UK companies can apply for credit lines in GBP and EUR, with a credit limit of up to 250K based on credit assessment.
  • US companies can apply for a credit line in USD with a credit limit of up to 250K based on credit assessment.

Payhawk credit cards come with zero interest rates but a fixed payment term of 30 days, subject to standard credit checks. If the balance is not cleared in full by the relevant payment due date, Payhawk may begin to accrue late payment fees on the outstanding balance.

When contacting us, specify the credit amount and currency you want. Then submit a few financial documents to initiate the underwriting process. Once our teams successfully evaluate your application, we’ll contact you with the outcome.

Existing Payhawk customers and SVB customers will benefit from fast-tracked applications.

  • Control spend before it happens with proactive limits and spend policies
  • Get real-time cash flow visibility over spend. Avoid lengthy waits on statements as per those offered by traditional banks
  • Leverage real-time spend visibility and automatic reconciliation to support decisions around cash flow and budgets
  • Avoid personal credit checks, with no personal guarantees required
  • Enjoy a simplified credit application process for Payhawk customers

Your money is protected by a process known as safeguarding, which is a regulatory requirement for all EMIs. Under this process, all e-money balances must be segregated from all other cash balances. These segregated balances are held with a safeguarding bank and are routinely reconciled to ensure that the sum of all issued e-money balances is the same as the sum of cash held by the bank in the segregated account.

Payhawk is not a bank; we simply partner with them in order to enable you to control spend and manage your capital. As such, we can offer diversification across multiple financial institutions, which is traditionally challenging for offline banks to achieve.

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