Webinar: The future of work: Managing company cards for distributed teams

What would be the future of work? When will companies give every employee access to a company card rather than ask him to spend personal funds? What are the hurdles financial teams need to overcome to deal with distributed teams and increasing employee autonomy?


by Hristo Borisov 20 May 2020

Watch our on-demand webinar with our guest speaker from Wirecard, Kilian Thalhammer, a distinguished business leader in the Fintech space. Kilian also acts as an advisor for banks, larger accelerators and business networks including Endeavor, xpreneurs, startupteens, World Food Programme (WFP).



  1. The growing need of employee autonomy
  2. Employees cards for distributed teams
  3. Challenges managing company cards at scale
  4. Spend policies and controls
  5. Automated reconciliation


A Q&A session is included.



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Written by Hristo Borisov

May 20, 2020

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