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We love how easy it is to create and issue new cards.

Founded in 2016, the SaaS solution automatically collects customer feedback through various channels along the entire customer journey, analyzes & clusters it with the help of artificial intelligence & derives customized & personalized measures to retain satisfied customers & win back dissatisfied customers. The software can be seamlessly integrated into solutions such as Salesforce, Spryker, Emarsys Zendesk, Slack or Shopify or used as an addition to the existing tech stack.

Started using Payhawk
October 2020
Features they love
  • Monthly export
  • Customer care
Zenloop co-founder Paul Schwarzenholz

“Security, budget allocation, responsibility, accessibility. With Payhawk we can see every transaction in real time.”

Paul Schwarzenholz, Co-founder at Zenloop
Zenloop teamZenloop team

Life before Payhawk

“Before switching to Payhawk, all our costs were running through ONE corporate card. This obviously created a lot of chaos. A transaction had no information helping us identify which department it belongs to. Our only option was to manually investigate non-recurring costs, manually allocate them to the correct cost center and then chase our employees for the receipt.”

All company expenses in one single platform

“Data can be exported and uploaded to the accounting system in one go. Security, budget allocation, responsibility, accessibility. We can now see every transaction in real-time. It’s even more helpful, that we know which department made it, and everything is accessible for both the cardholder and our finance team.

"We also like that we can track spending and set limits on a department level while automating the approval process."

In the past, we used to have problems with subscriptions. Especially in cases with multiple subscriptions for one product (e.g.: LinkedIn & DuxSoup, where we have some 5 different accounts per service). It was always hard to find out which account a payment belonged to and who to ask for invoices. Employees would insist it was not their account. Now they can’t say that anymore. If it’s on their credit card they have to be able to provide an invoice.

Issuing cards for our employees was beneficial for a lot of reasons. It not only gave our departments flexibility, but it also made it a lot easier for business payments. Now the credit cardholders are responsible for putting in the card information themselves instead of always asking that one person in the company. This is important because that one person did not always have time right away, not to mention they also had tons of other tasks.”

Saving time with the monthly export report

“We love how easy it is to create and issue new cards. Also, the customer success team at Payhawk is very supportive and quick in answering questions to help solve problems. Whenever we’ve had small issues with activating a card or a payment not going through, we’ve been able to promptly solve these with the support team.

"But the very best feature for us is the monthly export!"

You can download a version with really all information necessary. In this download, you can also see which transactions already have invoices attached and which ones are still outstanding. The ones that do have an invoice also have a link in the document, under which you can view the according invoice. This is awesome!”

If you want to learn more about how to issue cards for your team or how to manage better month-end close like Zenloop, you can download our free ebook: How to make month-end go smoothly. Or, if you're ready to take the next step, book a demo with us.

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