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We love how easy it is to create and issue new cards.

Founded in 2016, Zenloop's AI-driven SaaS solution collects and analyzes customer feedback from multiple channels, providing personalized actions to retain and win back customers. Zenloop also integrates seamlessly with Salesforce, Zendesk, Shopify, and more.

Started using Payhawk
October 2020
Features they love
  • Monthly export
  • Customer care
Zenloop co-founder Paul Schwarzenholz

“Security, budget allocation, responsibility, accessibility. With Payhawk we can see every transaction in real time.”

Paul Schwarzenholz, Co-founder at Zenloop
Zenloop teamZenloop team

Life before Payhawk

Before adopting Payhawk, Zenloop found managing expenses challenging, as all costs were processed through a single corporate card. This lack of clarity resulted in considerable confusion, and transactions lacked essential details, making it difficult to allocate expenses to the appropriate departments. As a result, their team was using up valuable time manually investigating non-recurring costs to assign them to the correct cost centers and following up with employees for receipts and missing info.

Paul Schwarzenholz, Co-founder at Zenloop describes:

Before switching to Payhawk, all our costs were running through just one corporate card. This obviously created a lot of chaos, and our only option was to manually investigate costs, manually allocate them to the correct cost center, and then chase our employees for the receipts."

Driving accountability and visibility with corporate cards

Before Payhawk, managing subscriptions was a challenge at Zenloop — especially with multiple accounts for platforms like LinkedIn and DuxSoup. It was difficult to track payments and obtain invoices, leading to confusion and even some duplication.

However, since moving to Payhawk and issuing individual cards to team members, Zenloop has improved accountability, visibility, and control. Cardholders are now responsible for providing invoices for their transactions, completely eliminating any ambiguity.

Paul describes:

Issuing cards to our employees has brought about several benefits. It has a) empowered our departments with flexibility and simplified business payments as cardholders now input their card information directly, reducing reliance on a single individual within the company. And b) decentralising payment management, which has alleviated the burden on busy finance team members who may have other pressing tasks.

Getting perfect visibility with seamless accounting exports

Since moving to Payhawk, the team at Zenloop can easily export and upload any spend data to their accounting system with just a couple of clicks. Now every transaction is visible in real time, with enhanced security, budget allocation, and accessibility features — providing transparency for both cardholders and our finance team.

Paul describes:

You can download a version with really all the information necessary. In this download, you can also see which transactions already have invoices attached and which ones are still outstanding. The ones that do have an invoice also have a link in the document, under which you can view the corresponding invoice. It's truly awesome!

Top-notch customer support

As an AI-driven SaaS company, Zenloop recognizes good technology, and they have saved hours thanks to Payhawk automation and integrations. On top of that, they appreciate great customer service and spotlighted Payhawk's highly-rated customer support as an added useful benefit.

Paul says:

We love how easy it is to create and issue new cards. Also, the customer success team at Payhawk is very supportive and quick to answer any questions and solve problems. If we ever have a small issue with activating a card or a payment not going through, we’ve been able to solve these problems very quickly with the support team.

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