Feb 15, 2024
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Improve expense reporting with invoice and receipt image rotation

Streamline expense reporting with our Invoice and receipt Rotation Feature From Payhawk
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Tired of craning your neck just to read sideways receipts and invoices? Especially as part of the finance and accounting team, which must review multiple documents monthly. Say goodbye to neck aches with our latest small but useful update.

With our image rotation feature, you can easily flip your images clockwise or counterclockwise right within the expense management app.

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    From submitting expenses and defining approval workflows to automated reconciliation and employee reimbursements. Your spend management operations likely include many people and processes, and they need a solution that can address your financial needs. And when it comes to keeping it all connected for the sake of solid company finances and good visibility - you can’t afford clumsy mistakes and clunky processes.

    The right spend management features will help give you seamless processes that can transform how your organization manages spending. Features like the small but mighty “image rotation” feature improve UX and increase efficiency to keep you agile and in control.

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    What’s our new image rotation feature?

    Have you ever uploaded an important picture, realizing it's flipped the wrong way? The same goes for receipts. Snapping a photo of your receipt should be straightforward, but it can be frustrating and difficult to check (when needed) if it saves facing the wrong way.

    Our image rotation feature lets you immediately rotate your invoice or receipt image through our expense management app. This simple feature removes irritating sideways-up receipts and helps you make all your documents clear and visible.

    Why do you need to rotate an image?

    This feature means no more needless neck-twisting to read invoices, receipts, or other scanned documentation. By making the expense management process as efficient and effortless as possible for every team member, you further streamline the process, making expense submission, review, and approvals a piece of easy-to-expense (if it's within your expense policies) cake.

    Anything else to remember? Anyone using our automated spend management solution can use this feature for free.

    Supercharge your reconciliation workflows with Payhawk

    At Payhawk, we aim to deliver an unparalleled reconciliation solution for organizations, big and small, saving them time and crushing errors from start to finish.

    Carolina Einarsson, Finance Director at Essentia Analytics describes:

    Using Payhawk has been a game changer; we close our month twice as fast, and we've even been able to allocate resources to revenue-impacting teams directly. We have an employee in the finance team who now spends half of her time working as an SDR.

    Our image rotation feature only enhances the user experience of our expense stack, which includes:

    1. OCR technology and AI camera: Our camera uses artificial intelligence and optical character recognition (OCR) to instantly extract expense data, minimize expense mistakes and speed up the entire expense process.
    2. Receipt approval workflows: No matter how complex your organizational structure is, build custom approval workflows for specific teams, entities, or specific expense types. Ensure agile expense management, empowering employees to spend accountability while managing every penny from afar.
    3. Real-time reconciliation: Manually reconciling your accounts can drain hours of resources. However, with real-time reconciliation, spending and transactions match automatically. Payhawk will automatically flag unmatched expenses, allowing further investigation. This can reduce expense fraud and improve accuracy and spending visibility.
    4. Faster reimbursements: Because the entire expense process benefits from automation, reimbursements are more accurate and faster, improving everyone’s experience.

    We implement new features and update existing ones frequently. Visit our What’s New page to learn more.

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