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Club Freelance is a staffing and sourcing company, specialized in IT. The company, founded in 2014, is focused on a long-term partnership with IT freelancers, seeking a job, and big companies seeking for IT talent.

IT recruitment
Started using Payhawk
End of 2019
Challenges pre-Payhawk
Collecting receipts
Features they love
Mobile App

“The team loves the Payhawk App. It is easy and straightforward. We’ve also seen less mistakes when the team uploads their receipts directly, choosing the right category, etc.”

Alessandro Lupo, Finance Director

About Club Freelance

Club Freelance has focused on high end IT recruiting services for more than 6 years. Today Club Freelance has around 100-150 contractors across 60 customers and more than 20M in revenue. They operate a hybrid model, offering jobs to freelancers and recruiting services for big companies. They guarantee high flexibility and tailor-made follow-up for its clients. Their biggest market is in France. The company is HQ in London and has offices in Paris and in Barcelona. Approximately 99% of recruitment are freelancers, temporary contracts, and project-based. Soon they will be launching a new brand, a parent company, focusing on permanent contracts.

Club Freelance and Payhawk have been partners since late 2019. We are in constant communication with them as they are always giving us great feedback on our Xero integration. And fortunately, we met Alessandro in person last year while we were attending Xerocon in London. Alessandro has been their CFO for almost a year. We had a chance to have a chat with him, here are his thoughts about Payhawk.

What was your 1st impression of Payhawk?

My first impression about Payhawk, that was EASY and very intuitive. “The team loves the app because is very easy to use very straightforward and all of them minimize the mistakes by uploading the receipts, choosing the right category, etc”

What do you like the most about Payhawk?

  • The debit cards instead of prepaid cards.
  • The filters are also an amazing and super nice feature.
  • The mobile app notifications are also very helpful. Each time an employee uses the card they get a message to upload the receipt. Also, when a payment doesn’t go through, you receive a notification explaining the reason, such as, low funds, or invalid PIN. I’ve never seen this proactiveness with a traditional bank.

Was access to company funds an issue during the lockdown? And what's next?

First, we tried to contain as much as possible all the costs. My CEO and COO did use the Payhawk cards, the same as other C-level employees. The rest of the team was not allowed to do any expense out of the ordinary. One example is that we cut all expenses in advertising during the crisis.

At our company, we use heavily Xero as our accounting software. Payhawk and Xero are integrated, and this saves us a lot of time.

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