PSD 2 and Open Banking – Emerging Trends and Use Cases

The European directive  PSD2 (“Revised Directive on Payment Services”) was in all news, when by the end of 2019, European companies had to start complying with PSD2’s Regulatory Technical Standards. The overall aims mentioned are honourable: To create and establish an integrated banking structure within the European Union to foster competitiveness between banks and non-financial institutions and provide better services to EU citizens, eventually. But, does this Open Banking initiative really brings the benefits the EU hoped for or comes it at the expense of security and user data issues?


by Thomas Westerhoven 15 Jun 2020


!! This webinar has been POSTPONED due to summer break. We will announce the new date asap !!


As part of our Payhawk webinar series, we want to shed some light on the topic “Open Banking” and explain what is PSD2 all about. We will be looking into some emerging trends on the market and show a use case in Germany with Payhawk.


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  1. Introduction PSD2 and Open Banking
  2. What does PSD2 mean for my company?
  3. PSD2 in Germany: an Use Case with Payhawk 
  4. Round Table, Q&As


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Written by Thomas Westerhoven

June 15, 2020

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