9 May 2024
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Payhawk and Kolleno partner to improve financial control and visibility

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At Payhawk, we partner with the best technology and accounting companies, to ensure we can support even more businesses to take complete control of their business spending, save time by automating processes, and make smarter data-driven decisions.

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    Our partner network is growing! And we're pleased to announce our new partnership with Kolleno, one of the leading Account Receivable (AR) management solutions in EMEA and North America.

    Kolleno is a financial operations platform that brings together receivables, payments and reconciliation — all in one place. The platform is built for and by finance professionals to automate and optimise back-office processes, including client payments, related communications, and financial reporting, through highly customisable workflows.

    Powered by advanced AI capabilities, Kolleno pulls data from all incoming accounting systems, ERPs and CRMs, and deciphers context-sensitive data into actionable insights.

    Kolleno’s platform centralises and automates receivables, payments and reconciliation whilst their NetSuite integration and SDN status boasts super high development standards and best practices within the industry.

    We caught up with Dimitri Raziev, CEO at Kolleno at a recent accounting show to find out the top three reasons the partnership is so exciting for both Kolleno, Payhawk, and our joint customers.

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    1. Improved control and visibility

    Customers using the Payhawk solution get complete control and visibility of spend without having to switch programs, solutions, and screens. Both finance and non-finance colleagues get a time-saving, seamless experience thanks to our combination of corporate cards, reimbursable expenses, accounts payable, and seamless accounting, ERP and HR integrations — all in one place.

    The stats:

    On the other hand, Kolleno provides complete visibility and control of outstanding payments you're due. The software categorises disputes, maintains accurate records, and quickly identifies issues and the best paths to resolution, ensuring that an average of 90% of payments are made on time or early and that your business’ cash flow remains healthy.

    Jeremie Trouillet, Vice President of Sales at Payhawk, says:

    Kolleno is an ideal partner for Payhawk, their track record in helping finance teams to streamline working practices and get back control speaks for itself.

    2. Reduce manual efforts and risk of errors

    When customers use Payhawk paired with Kolleno’s features, including the customisable AR workflows, automated task manager, automated reconciliation, and payments portal, finance teams can streamline their operations to reduce manual efforts and risk of errors and optimise cash flow by accelerating collections and controlling costs.

    Payhawk and NetSuite, how it works Payhawk and NetSuite, how it works

    3.Quick and easy integration with NetSuite ERP & MS Dynamics

    The Payhawk x Kolleno partnership aligns perfectly with each company's mission of empowering finance teams to run efficient everyday financial operations by leveraging automation and smart technologies.

    This is particularly significant for NetSuite ERP and Microsoft Dynamics users, as we both have high-quality integrations with the platforms. We integrate quickly and easily with the platforms and help enhance their functionality, providing users with a more comprehensive solution, including tailored data syncs that streamline finance processes and support business growth.

    Payhawk and NetSuite, export expenses & how it works Payhawk and NetSuite, export expenses & how it works

    Dimitri Raziev, CEO, Kolleno, says:

    Payhawk aligns well with our mission at Kolleno of helping finance teams run efficient daily financial operations. Combining their expertise in spend management with ours in accounts receivable, and common integrations with NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics, this partnership has the potential to provide significant value to customers.

    Together with Kolleno, we’re committed to combining our strengths to empower our customers to run efficient everyday financial operations. Want to find out more? Register for our actionable joint webinar: How do finance professionals simplify complex accounting processes?

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