Ready to build the most human-centric Fintech company in Europe?

Find a path not just a job.

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Ready to build the most human-centric Fintech company in Europe?

Find a path not just a job.

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Ready to build the most human-centric Fintech company in Europe?

Find a path not just a job.

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“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them. Pursuing your dream with a team starts by being bold enough to share your dream with others. Our first tradition in the company is for every new person to share his dream, so that we can collectively find a way to reach it.”


Hristo Borisov, CEO

Working at Payhawk?

More than just a job title.

what we love the most


“At Payhawk you don’t have to have “white hair” in order for people to listen to you! Juniors can have as many ideas and impact on the product as anyone else on the team.“

Raquel Orejas - Customer Success Manager

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“Every month we try to bring out some new product features, inspired directly from our customers. That’s genuinely important to us and help us verify what we have decided for the product map“

Atanas Zaprianov - Director, Product Management

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“Working on a Fintech product as a developer is really challenging. Data security and compliance have all of the sudden different meaning. That motivates a lot.“

Rositsa Topchiyska - Software Developer

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Valuable benefits

See what comes along


Flexible working hours

You have a family issue that you have to take care in the morning? A doctors appointment, car repair? Just ping the team and finish your work later.


Additional medical care

We want you and your family members get the best health care. All team members located in Sofia get additional health insurance at “Doverie”.


30 days annual leave

We are a fast moving start-up and we work hard to achieve our goals. Therefore all employees have 30 recreation days to recharge the batteries and move on.


Help with relocation

We don’t leave anyone behind. Once you become part of the team, depending on your needs, we can help you with finding your new home, getting documents sorted out etc.


Company card

Payhawk’s vision is that every employee deserves a company card. We want to enable you to do your work best by providing you with this simple asset.


Work from everywhere

“Work from home” was yesterday – we give you the chance to work from wherever you feel most productive!


Fun facts

Oh yes, we do have a lot of fun together!

the team at a glance


21 800


taken on our last team hike



sport arts

including jiu jitsu, horse riding and rock climbing




spoken amongst the team

Take the next step in your career

Take the next step in your career

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